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One of the "Save Outfit" buttons in the tailor saves a corrupted file. Loading the corrupted file reverts the settings to defaults rather than loading the saved settings. Note that there are two "Save Outfit" buttons in the tailor; only one of them is broken.

1. The broken "Save Outfit" button is the one next to the "Exit" button in the screen with the outfit previews.

Also, the "Load Outfit" button next to the "Exit" button always seems to be disabled.

2. The working "Save Outfit" button is the one below the "Head", "Body", and "Uniform" tabs in the costume editing screen.

ticket ID #39,295
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06-03-2013, 07:52 PM
I'm having this same issue, I'm glad to find the temporary workaround but having a broken button there is just dumb. Polish this stuff!
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07-04-2013, 07:32 PM
I don't see any other threads on this but every time I want to change something, I have to create a new uniform as the previously purchased one cannot be used with the "wear" button and my 3 uniform slots are growing every time I modify a corrupt uniform. There is no way to delete these rogue outfits that I can see.

Also, whenever I go to edit anything, the "basic" default screen changes everything to "uniform" regardless if it is saved or not. This is worst on the Romulan KDF character but often happens on the standard KDF character as well. I don't seem to have an issue with my Federation character as they have always had formal and off duty outfits.

Not really related but since I am posting, can you please choose a palette for the KDF and use just that one palette? I would prefer it to be the robust Federation one but if you want to pick the drab one, then please just pick ONE and not mix and match them! Also, please remove that "color link" on some of them because the linked colors do not match! Changing a shirt to red should not make a belt buckle red!

Also, in hopes that someone reads this, can the Romulan Tal Shiar uniform please have BOTH the chest piece and the belt? The males have the chest piece and the females have the belt but neither have both that I have found.

I was very pleased to see the off duty and formal added for KDF after all this time and it's a real bummer they are so borked not even a below quota borg would assimilate the tailors for fear that they will have wear a silver torso and gold legs because they are on different palettes.

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