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I Have an IBM Thinkpad T60 notebook and I try to play STO on it. Everything works fine, but after a while (about 15-20 minutes) my notebook shuts down completely. No crash, it's just turns himself off.

I thought it may be because of heat. I installed a temperature monitoring software and my processor normally runs at 55 c, but if I start a 3D game, the processor gets high up to 94-96 c. I thought, that's it, but then I tried other 3D games and I could play them without any problems at 94-96 c.

Now there are two possibilities:

1. STO heats my processor above 96c at some point, which my notebook can't handle anymore (I can't proove, because that's the last, I see)

2. There is something in the game, which causes this problem, although I experience this in random places in the game.

Win XP SP3
ATI Mobile Radeon X1400
Intel Dual Core @ 1.83 Ghz

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