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I can’t get past the login screen.

I downloaded and installed everything through the ‘Star Trek Online Downloader.’ I click on STO exe icon and everything started up and I get passed the first login and get patched and the news just fine. I hit ‘Engage’ and get to here I then sit there for a few minutes, nothing happens and then I get this message ‘Connection to the login server timed out.’
I have tried a bunch of different things to see if I could get passed this I: change the proxy, disabled my firewall, force verify, uninstalled then reinstalled, restarted my PC, and even fiddled my internet connection; but still I get stuck at the same point.

I have looked on the forum for help but it seems that everyone else, who has had this problem, does one of the things I have already done and gets in relatively fine. I have also written up an ‘issue ticket’ asking for help from one of the devs on the 14th (I know they must get a lot of these so I’m not at the top of the list) but haven’t heard anything back.

I have tried to login as often as I can, when the server is online, but unfortunately work has been hectic this week/weekend and I cannot just sit at my PC and spam the login hoping to get in, and no I wouldn’t do that anyways mainly b/c it’s just a stupid thing to do.

I’d love to get some help in resolving this problem; so any help would greatly be appreciated.

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