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# 221
05-10-2013, 09:23 AM
How hard would it be to someday have events/episodes where our Captains revisit or replay cool or important events in Starfleet history? What I envision is something like I have seen on console games where you replay an important moment and have do certain things that happened then to complete your objectives.
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# 222
05-10-2013, 09:23 AM
like with the federation and the Klingon factions are we going to be seeing any carriers with the romulan faction?

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# 223
05-10-2013, 09:24 AM
1.) Can we expect new Doffing assignments and assignment chains, as well as perhaps a new colonization cluster, Romulan Asylum or Officer Exchanges in the Tau Dewa sector for every faction, or is it going to stay the way as it currently is on Tribble, with only a few, select Romulan doff assignments?

Is the Doffing system as a whole still being worked on since Heretic left, or is it considered somewhat "finished" with the exception of adding a few lockbox doffs now and then?

2.) Is there any chance we'll be seeing Refits or Fleet Refits of the "missing" KDF low-level ships (e.g. the K'Tanco, Vandal, Dacoit or both of the new low-level Birds-of-Prey)?

3.) If the Romulan faction turns out to be a huge success, which additional faction could you see working as well and which faction would you personally like to see if money, sales or rescources weren't an issue?
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# 224
05-10-2013, 09:50 AM
Is LoR an experiment to see if big faction adding expansions are viable for STO, or are you already planning to do this again? If so, who next?

Updates of anything? Will it ever happen? Mostly STO seems focused on adding new stuff and if anything old is touched its to get rid of it in favor of new stuff. When we ask for updates for exploration and crafting, if anything happens to those sections of the game, are we most likely going to see it replaced with something new? Same with old ships needing graphics/model updates, kits, KDF kits not showing, bridges, Defiant bridge not having an account bank, etc.

I noticed that in the LoR beta, even though Romulan ships have a full interior, all of the doffs for the ships are found via a console on the bridge. Is this going to stay, and could it be ported over to Fed and KDF ships?

Also, wil the Fed and KDF interiors ever get a revamp to be as awesome as the Rom one?

Any clues as to the next starbase expansion? Dilithium mine?

Is the STO timeline ever going to advance beyond 2409?

Will we ever have faction PvP warfare that actually counts? Like warzone X now is controled 95% by the KDF. Maybe have maps for space and ground in the warzone between the FED and KDF starbases where you can go into them, capture markers and stuff like the current capture and hold, but have it be open so that anyone can drop in at any time up to the map limit?

Gal-X saucer sep? Could this be the next 5 module fleet ship? Or 6? I'd pay for 6.
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# 225
05-10-2013, 10:00 AM
1 - If your fleet is present in all factions, will you look at adding the option to link them all together so there is a tab to display your other factions starbase progress and roster? Also as well as linking the fleet chat and displaying names in different colors depending which faction your playing on.

2 - I understand the character customisation is getting a revamp, will it eventually be in appearance with more options? Games like Eve that don't even have ground combat have a much more in-depth character customization than STO, it would be nice to see something of a similar standard.

3 - I'd like to see more ship customization and ship power management options like Starfleet Command. With ship customization it would be nice to have a list of objects to add your ship like an extra warp nacelle, strut etc that maybe give an added bonus so everyone's ship is more unique in play style and makes sense. With power management I'd like to see console slots replaced with an upgrade system where you obtain devices from either loot or the exchange which allow you to upgrade certain systems / weapons / hull etc at the shipyard and for example you want to add phaser damage upgrades, you go to the shipyard to oversee maintenance and upgrades on your ship. Would this be something you'd like to see in the game and look at adding to give Star Trek more depth?

4 - It'd be nice to have more races added to the game that can be multi-faction (maybe add the ones that are only available features under alien race?). Also adding more differences to each race, like health, strength, vitality, agility would also be a welcomed change and an upgraded ground combat which introduces the use of cover so my character can press a button to lean up against a crate or wall etc.

5 - I would like to see the ranking system separated from leveling and everyone is a captain. Maybe have the first 10 levels start on your race's home world where you get ready to become a starfleet captain and get your own ship at level 10 and the higher ranks are only available from joining a fleet and purely used to display your rank within that fleet. It makes no sense to have all these admirals flying ships in the game.

6 - When can we see an update to the fleet interface? It feels very archaic and more customisation on the starbase would be nice. I'd like more admin controls with ranks and not limited to just 7, also maybe the option to assign ranks to specific people with certain controls.

7 - Finally, space feels very small and the combat is way too fast paced which makes it feel more like Star Wars. I'd like to see space opened up with no loading screens and the option to warp direct to a location and follow your ship during warp rather than go to a "Sector Space" zone. The combat needs to be improved and a z-axis added with the removal of anything higher than turret for all ships on the Fed side apart from Defiant / Fighters / Jemmy etc. Maybe give the escorts a bigger damage bonus or introduce Dual Heavy Beams / Heavy Beam Arrays etc.

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# 226
05-10-2013, 10:04 AM
With Steam opening games for Linux, any thoughts on Mac/Linux clients?
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# 227
05-10-2013, 10:21 AM
At one point, it was mentioned that Duty Uniforms and Off-Duty Uniforms were going to be merged into just one "Uniforms" selection. Any word on a timeframe for that?
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# 228 Dilithium
05-10-2013, 10:46 AM
Other than swapping out ZEN for Dilitium, how do I get it?
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# 229
05-10-2013, 10:49 AM
Are there any plans on adding in the Picard Maneuver?
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# 230
05-10-2013, 10:54 AM
There are over 16,000 fleets in the game and they all have a unique name. Quite a number of these are entirely filled with members who haven't logged in for months at a time -- is there any plan that these fleets will require at least some activity?

It has been mentioned that a feature to merge fleets or have some kind of fleet alliance system may be on the horizon. Can you please expand on the details for what this would do to the provisions, XP on starbase and embassy, and so on?

You mentioned the third fleet holding would not be at LoR launch. What is it going to be, and will it be released before Season 8 at end of year?
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