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My idea is to take the current "damage" system for ships, and apply that to captains and bridge officers. In other words, as their health drops (75%, 50%, 25%), their appearance changes. It would go something like this:
  • 100% - normal appearance
  • 75% - Face, hair, exposed skin shows dirt, grime
  • 50% - More damage to face, skin. Clothing shows damage (stains, dirt, tears).
  • 25% - Most damage to face, more damage to uniform. Body armor, MACO/KHG/Omega costumes show damage.

I have a feeling this would require much time and effort to implement, so I don't really expect to see this happen. Just thought it would be cool to see.
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05-12-2013, 07:50 AM
Like Doom Guy? I like it. Though I might want to walk around looking beat up all the time, too (I know there's a lot of demand for Kirk's ripped shirt).
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05-12-2013, 10:16 AM
So Medical Tricorders can repair clothes now? Visual Damage never works well in MMOs because its crude and unfitting. Right now im sadifyed with the 3 Death Effects, Dead (Energyweapons DO NOT cause visible damage to anything unless on a high/crude setting), Vaporized, and Thaloron Blasted.

Damage transitions is a very hard to implement thing and it usualy gets more Negative then positive feedback. But I wouldn't mind more death animations, Being Slashed by a sword would Cause more damage then just death.

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