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# 1 Pointers For Future FE's
05-03-2013, 09:08 PM
I've been leveling up a new KDF alt and replaying some of the missions to get Mk XI gear and I noticed some issues with the FE's that are annoying the second time around but mind-numbingly frustrating the third+ go-round. Here is a rundown of those problems in the hopes they won't make it into the next FE. I'll use the Dominion FE, The 2400, as an example.

1. Cutscenes. For Q's sake, let us skip through cutscenes!!! Seriously, once was enough. Being forced to sit through those makes me dislike those missions more and more each time I play them. And this is with me replaying the missions to get the mission reward once per character. If I decided I wanted my entire away team to have the Jem'Hadar ground set...holy crap. Yeah, skippable cutscenes are a must.

If you're so hell-bent on having us watch these, put a Cutscene or Cinematic button on each episode next to the Skip, Transwarp, Hail buttons so we can watch them at our leisure.

2. Second Wave. Why am I, a KDF General, trying to convince Ambassador S'taass that the Empire should join the fight against the Borg? I mean, aren't we doing that already in Gamma Orionis and the STF's? And why don't I have responses that actually sound like they're coming from a KDF officer? S'taass is all My-Empire, and I'm sitting there like 'dude, it's MY Empire, too'. Spend a few more minutes to make the responses more faction-friendly.

3. Voice-overs. I love the voice-overs and I'm really glad you're adding them to the game. It's just that, well, they keep playing after I've closed the dialog box, and zoned, and rezoned. Basically, they keep playing until they're done, which is annoying. Please have the VO's stop when the dialog is closed.

4. Career-Specific Optionals. The idea of this is great. The execution is somewhat, um, lackluster. Specifically, in Second Wave the Tactical objective is to arm an NPC. Directly to the left of where the the weapon is, someone is pounding on a door trying to get out. [BruceCampbell]"Sorry honey, but I'm Tactical."[/BruceCampbell] Wait, what? How about letting all careers do the optionals but only the specific career getting the accolade? So a Tac can let that poor woman out of that room but only an Engy (or a team with an Engy) can get the accolade?

5. Purchasable Mission Rewards. This post was prompted by my having to do missions over just to get Mk XI end rewards. Some missions, such as Operation Gamma, need to be rerun more than once as it has two pieces of the three-piece Jem'Hadar space set. It would have been really nice if, once I had run the missions (possibly the entire FE), I could buy the mission rewards for x2 or x3 times their face value (maybe even having to buy from a Ferengi "vendor" for RP purposes [perhaps the same Ferengi that gives us the lobi mission for hacked lockboxes]). That would let me get the rewards without coming to dread playing what should be STO's premier content. Just a thought.

The FE's are good missions but they need some love to make them great. None of the above are absolutely necessary, but they'll help a lot, especially optional cutscenes.

Really, skippable cut scenes. Please...
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# 2
05-09-2013, 10:22 PM
Well I am pleased to inform you that some of your #4 was answered...

In L-O-R you will have a mission on the Romulan side that has career specefic objectives but there are non career options that still advance the mission...

For Example: Task is to Overload a Warp Core

Tac & Sci Officers can "Overload Warp Core"
Eng Officers can "Overload Warp Core" & "Rapidly Overload Warp Core" to achieve the accolade.
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