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# 1 Nukura Prime
06-11-2013, 11:22 PM
The Nukura Prime hard missions are tough.

I suggest making 2 different ones for each

A normal that is a 10-man or easier spawns

An elite that is 5-man and very slightly tougher (4 very good ground players can do the missions as they are)

Also the queues and private matches need to be cross-faction

and currently it is possible to play the external hard mission on nukura prime (for a reasonable 50 mark reward)
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# 2
06-12-2013, 01:01 AM
Wait, you can queue these up as 5 mans now? I guess the notes make sense now. Cripes that might hurt. Since LoR I haven't been able to complete INT hard with less that 7 or 8. Pre LoR, it was doable with 5 or 6. We just need some more people who know how to run these and the difficulty level will drop.

I have actually been in some EXT and INT that had 10+ and still failed...

Get to grinding you new Romulans!

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