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# 1 Star Wars games and EA.
05-11-2013, 03:17 PM
Is not new that SW films rights is now of Disney, maing the new movie for 2015.

the news of EA acquisition of exclusive SW license to make games of it, is a ... neutral news to me.
EA, I can hate that company but is a lie to me to say that I didn't enjoyed Mass Effects, Dante's Inferno, dead space, Tiberium Wars, and others.

Many saw this as a horrible news, exploiting SW license to the max and ruin it with DLCs and possible bad games.

others saw the advantages of EA in this:
KoTOR 3 with bioware, between the years of the Jedi Civil War and Old Republic MMO.
Possible BattleFront 3 with forstbite engine.
A new Empire At War, Rebellion or RTS based in star wars with Victory.
A proper sequel of Republic Commando with unreal Engine or CryEngine.
hell, even a Remake of Rogue Squadron trilogy.

they can exploit this, indeed. SW comunity have many gamers that grow up with SW games.

this is how I see this notice. how about you?

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