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# 1 Tutorial Arc Feedback
05-12-2013, 12:54 AM
The tutorial was very immersive, nicely done.

The VO sometimes cut out, or upon replay, seem to be more complete. Seems to be an issue with the patching of files on demand.

The starting Warbird turns horribly visually. When you turn in it, with those large wings and the nacelles on the end, you would expect a tight turn to almost turn the Warbird on edge, but instead it is a flat turn. It seems wrong and pulls one right out of the immersion in the space missions--I can't emphasize how wrong it feels to see a flat turn.

In space, when you click in the mission box to be taking to the next world (as the Tutorial pop up requests), it takes you to the previous mission world. Have to use the map to set course.

The starting tutorial space missions (from Virinat), seem slow, laggy. The other space missions you get to from sector space seemed much better.

Overall, so far so good.

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