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While playing the new content on the Tribble, I have found several issues.
The last 3 missions of Nimbus III is flawed and cannot be completed, I tried several times to finish, but due to an in game glitch I couldn't finish them. One wouldn't allow me to contact the forces that had allied with me in a space battle, the one about the canon where you fight the Gorns wouldn't close out for me, nor would the one about the secret Tal'shiar base.

Another one that I found was the one where you have to defend a city in a shuttle. I found that this mission is way to difficult for a single player to do by his or her self. The scenario's spawning of enemy fighters is way to large to allow you to focus on attacking the Walkers. The fighters needs to be calmed down some, unless the mission is done by more than one player, the Walkers is hard enough to deal with without the added difficulty of fighter being there.

I, like other players feel that the Romulans need to divide their ships in to categories like the Federation and Klingons do, Science, Engineer, and Tactical categories. You start out with a ship that is good for all 3 categories, but then you to one ships that is better for science, then you go to a ship that is better for tactical, then to a ship that is better for engineering and then to a ship that has three variants to its design (one for each category). You have to adjust your Bridge Officer's training a lot for this type of ship advancement.

Even though I have found these issues, I am loving the Season 8 material. I even have a KDF character that I am playing.

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