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So far im quite happy with Legacy of Romulus awesome map for the Romulan Settlement and the idea of a Gigantic Vessel as a base is awesome.
The Tutorial However is repetitive at some points. Tells you Twice how to use the Minimap.

I Have encounter 2 Little Bugs for now id Like to report

First On the Romulan Base if you customize your ship you cannot read your window Selection. You can change it thought.

Second On the First assignment the Helix " The Tal'Shiar ships are identified as Bird of Prey but textured Romulan Warbirds. Ill attache a Screenshot to show what i mean. Cloaking is nice for Bugreports.

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05-12-2013, 05:58 AM
I would like to point out to you that , in TOS, Romulan ships of that configuration were called Birds-of-Prey, and were tagged as such in STO until LoR began developement when all Romulan ships became dubbed Warbirds, so the tag is accurate either way.

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05-12-2013, 06:40 AM
To play in space is fine, but on the gound is too slow couse the high video configuration, the grafics are quite good, but I am almoust unable to play ground missions , even the tutorial,on the computer I used for the past year. I will try again after the server back in low video configurations. I use a AMD E-350 with windows 7, memory 2 gb and video Radeon HD 6310. I know its not a great configuration, but it was working on the game until now.

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