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05-20-2013, 07:33 AM
Originally Posted by vulcanclipper View Post
From a current leader of a large KDF fleet:

there is nothing wrong with the system as it is right now. In fact, it guarantees fairness. You can have a fleet with 500 people on the roster with 25 active contributors, and this fleet will lag behind a fleet with 50 people on the roster of whom all are actively contributing. A large fleet gains nothing from its sheer size, only from the number of actively contributing members. The true success of a fleet is not measured by the size of its roster then but by how many actively engaged players it has.

As a leader of a large KDF fleet, the last thing I want is for smaller fleets to die. What I really want is an in-game incentive mechanism to stimulate contributions to fleet tasks, - more good stuff to buy with fleet credits perhaps.
I think it's a similar problem as with Reputation projects.
They need stuff that you can buy that is desired/useful that's not just the top tier. Some people did rightly hit on the Advanced gear being worthwhile in contrast to Elite, which is part of it. Really part of the problem is there needs to be low-cost items that people don't get scared by the price. Me? I just look at the price of most things and go "Ya, I'll just save until we go up a few more tiers instead".

It would also be nice if in addition to active contribution there was some passive contribution as well.

That said, given what's been said about the upcoming holding, there's a good chance we'll see some indirect adjustments to how long it takes to advance up the ladder for the Starbase.
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05-20-2013, 10:39 AM
so tired of all these threads asking for the bar to be lowered (again) for casual fleets and alt-fleets. as far as i am concerned, you should hit t5 because you and a team worked at it, not because you got some lame handicap for being lazy.
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