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# 1 Alien Species of STO
05-21-2013, 07:41 AM
Every generation of Star Trek has its own races and unique species. (TNG a number of new races were introduced.) Here at STO we can create our own new races in the Character Customizer using the Alien character option. Here I would like the people who used this sort of character to put pictures of their unique beings as well as give a description of your races characteristics, attributes, culture, etc, etc.

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The Zyrvan race is known for its complexity, in every aspect. Their biology is very intricate. Their brains are divided into different sections allowing for them to have multiple consciousnesses, giving them the ability to focus on multiple things at once. Their bodies have many organs similar to human organs but instead with the amount of the organs in the Zyrvans bodies doubled of the amount of those in humans.
The Zyrvans are ruled by an "emperor of the people" whose decisions are influence by a congress below him in power. The Zyrvans are very advanced in the arts: music, literature, architecture, dancing, etc, They have made large advancements in the sciences of astronomy, biology, genetics, physics, astrophysics, etc. The Zyrvans are also known for being polygamous, polytheistic, and more, all adding to their complexity.
They once were in a large world war in which millions of men were killed. In order to reproduce faster, the emperor signed into law a bill that allowed surviving men to have multiple wives once the planet was restored under one rule. After that it became tradition.
Once the planet of Zyrvos was united, they began making advancements in culture, showing that if people put aside their differences and unite in peace, we can make great things happen.

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