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First off the bug fixes and additions are great. Really appreciate these.

It took me a long time to create a new Foundry test character. The game kept sticking on "retrieving character data" or something like that, then creation failed when I didn't keep everything default when presented with race/class options (forgot about that bug). Eventually it worked.

When I hit test map though the load times are incredibly long. More so than is normal for the Foundry.

Elachi space mobs:

Weak through battleship mobs, as expected. These are the same as the ships we encounter in game. No non-combat NPC versions.

Romulan Republic and Reman Rebellion space mobs:

These are friendly Romulan and Reman space mobs. The ships that spawn are all the new ones from the T'Liss to the Haakona. Thanks for adding these, this will be of great value for making Romulan missions!

One problem is they are not tagged as friendlies in the NPC group list. So when you set the filter for fiendlies they don't show up, but when you set it to enemies they are listed. When you put them in game they are definitely friendly, so its just an improper listing in the menu.

Also no new non-combat NPC contact versions, with one exception (see below). We can still use the traditional Romulan ships though.

Tholian ground NPC contacts:

The EV suited Tholians from ensign to boss. These would have been really useful during the Tholian Foundry challenge a few months ago, but that's water under the bridge. Thanks for adding them.

They can be used to reskin mobs to make friendly combat Tholians. The animations are a tad screwy, but that's to be expected.

Elachi Ground Contacts:

These are both combat NPC mobs and non-combat NPC contacts. Excellent. Don't look at these though if you don't want to be spoiled as to the Elachi's true appearance.

Don't suppose we could get mobs that include their machines?

Romulan Republic/Reman Rebellion Ground Mobs:

Same as the above. Friendly mobs that don't appear in the friendly list.

Also, these are the only Romulan Republic ground options. There are no non-combat NPC contacts and no options to make Republic costumes in the costume creator. (the Remans just look like ordinary Remans).


The Romulan Ha'apax Warbird has been added to the costume creator. Several variants of it in fact, with both sections separate and with them attached. This is cool! But why just this one? Dare we hope more of the player ships will be put into the costume creator!?!

It is still quite useful though to use as an non-combat NPC contact.
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05-13-2013, 09:43 PM
Yes, thank you for everything.

What we need now:
- Tholian and Elachi space contacts
- "naked" Tholian ground contacts
- all the remaining Republic ships hooked up to the costume creator

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05-15-2013, 03:05 AM
Some of the mobs do include their little drones. I'm not sure if its random or not, but would like to see the drones added as costumes and contacts.

yes to adding the elachi space mobs for contacts too please so we can also reskin enemy mobs. maybe even their walkers and ships as ground items? i've always wanted to have the ability to add ships to ground maps, like we see on ESD or qo'nos shipyard.

i noticed the Ha'apax was added in costumes. its odd how they do ships, as on many occasions ships are added by accident. if its so easy to mistakenly add them, i imagine it can be that hard to add them correctly.

also if any other stuff can be added, props, buildings, anything vaguely romulan as there is a lack of that stuff in the foundry it would be great.

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05-17-2013, 11:57 PM
this is all good but while they're adding new NPC contacts why can't we have friendly/enemy turrets on ground and in space?

they exist in-game in several missions as defense platforms an such.

would be nice to see these included in LoR

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