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Hello, this has happened to me before when I first entered space.

I deleted the character and started over and was fine until Vega colony when it happens again. Once it happens there is no way around it.

This is a problem on my machine specifically, I try using a different machine and I'm fine. I do not know what causes it but it's a fairly big problem.

Essentially, I can see the world moving around me, people chatting, doing things, etc. The game is not laggy.

I can receive friend requests and part invites. I cannot interact with anything to do with the server in any way. I can click on the interface and anyhting client side works, but anything that requires interacting with the server does not (i.e. I cannot change zones, scanning just says scanning forever (but I'm not lagging) and other odd things).

Resetting everything to default does not work. Doing a full scan does not work.

Not sure how many here are WoW players, but sometimes when the interface goes sideways this can happen and it can usually be fixed by /reloadui (not sure if STO has something like this) or, at worse, disabling add ons.

ANy thoughts on how to fix this?
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
# 2
01-17-2010, 11:15 AM
As a note, uninstalling the game, deleting the directory, reinstalling and re-patching did not resolve this problem.

I can play the game fine on my Mac (ironically) but not on this PC.

ONce again, I see everyone moving around me just fine. I get group invites, friend invites just fine. I can click everything on my interface, but no commands reach the server (so I can click accept to group, butnothing happens. I can press M and my map opens, I press change instance and no instance list comes up).

I receive everything just fine, I just cannot send it.

Any help at all?

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