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Reading some of the Fleet/Nukara/Romulan Mark reward structure rework, I have to voice my opposition to the exclusivity of Mark rewards.

I play Defera Invasion Zone because I can multi-task making progress in the Omega Reputation while also helping my fleet. Queues for Azure Nebula and MineTrap did the same but to much less helpful extents on Fleet Marks from my experience.

I was hoping new queues for Nukara Marks would be similar. Instead, I see old queues being turned into "help yourself or your fleetmates but not both."

Defera-like multitasking is what helps me have fun with the game. I can help myself AND my fleet without feeling like I?m ignoring either's progress.

I ask the devs to reconsider this reward system. Keep a high amount of the Mark you want to emphasize while giving a reduced amount (perhaps half) for the other Mark. But please consider awarding both personal (Nukara/Omega/Romulan) and Fleet, not either/or.

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