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# 1 Two Warbird ideas
05-15-2013, 05:50 PM
Two little ideas for Cryptic to take or pass on regarding the romulan faction.

One: Turn the Haakona class warbird into a three pack ship. Not in the classic 'Tac/Sci/Engi' fashion, but in a 'Pure Romulan/Fed Modified/Klingon Modified' with pretty extensive changes to the stats on it. Not full on turn it into an escort or science vessel grade changes, but things like offering fed and klingon hull materials, a power for each based on the faction, changes to the handling and defences to some extent...

Things like that. Something to give the romulans a match for the Bortas and Oddyfails, but not actually sucking.

The other idea is to provide an alternate ship leveling path:

Namely, by offering for your character to turn down a new command due to the scarcity of hulls available to the flotilla and instead opting to completely rebuild and refit your starting ship over the course of the storyline.

And to customize how it's upgraded, like offering choices between upgrading it with sensor packs for sensor analysis, or building in a new capacitor system to beef up system power to match federation and klingon vessels. Or to add auxilury shields, or instead a through-deck for scorpion fighters slung under the ship... Basically turning it into the romulan version of the Millenium Falcon over the course of your journey and getting the classic reaction:

"What a piece of junk!" "Yeah, but she's got it where it counts."

Yes, it would have drawbacks, like not getting to pick another ship, and it would probably be somewhat more fragile than a klingon BoP, but it would offer to turn your ship into as much of a character as your bridge officers are.

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