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# 1 Recluse build help for LoR
05-15-2013, 09:28 AM
So, because I can mostly, I am thinking of getting the two new Tholian sets for my Tac captained Recluse after LoR comes out. For those who don't know, the set bonuses are mostly sci or defence bonuses, while the weapons set includes a duel beam bank and a web mine launcher, along with a console for + accuracy on beams. Tonight when I can get on Tribble I'll copy the current stats.

So given all of that, I ask what should I do with the rest of the build? I have three basic ideas but I don't know how good they are.

Idea one, modified cannon build, with duel beam banks up front and turrents in the rear, with plenty of fire at will. Pair this up with some sci abilities, like grav well, and Tyken's rift, add in pets and this could cause some damage it seems. Attack plan, charge and when you go by, throw out the mines. I do have a jumper console for this, so hopefully the turn rate wouldn't slow me down much. Commander Universal slot would be tac in this case.

Idea two, omni directional build. Throw torpedos in front with the duel beam bank, maybe more beams in the rear. Maybe use more omni-directional sci abilities, like energy siphon. Still have to run enemies over for the mines, but this way, I'd still be doing more energy damage from the beams as I went by, and it uses more of my advantages. Again, commander slot would be tac.

Idea three, sci build. Throw mostly torps on the slots without the dual beam bank, run full aux power, and instead of using the universal commander slot for tac like in the last two, full up on science powers. Problem with this one is that I'm not really up to spec on which sci powers are good killers or ones that would help my fighters kill.

This is mostly for PvE, but I wouldn't say no to a PvP match sometimes, so if it could do both, or at very least manage a good dps in STFs, I'd be happy.

Anyway, any build help would be most appreciated.


Thinking about it some more, I also have an Orb Weaver on the same character that I never really used, would the two tholian sets fit better on that ship?

Nukara deflector MK XII
+26.2 starship shield emitters
+8.8 starship structural integrity
+26.2 starship shield system
+8.8 starship inertial dampers
+17.5 starship power insulators

Nukara Engines MKXII
+17.4 flight speed
+35.7 flight turn rate
+5 shield power
+7.5 additional shield power (at low shield power)

2,280 Max shield cap (this was on ground) (5% absorption, 5% bleedthrough)
63.3 shield regen every 6 seconds
reduce tetryon damage to shields by 20%
reduce radiation damage to shields by 20%
1% chance to reflect a portion of incoming energy damage back at attackers (50% shield penetration)

Set powers are:
Set 2: Weapon Stabilizers
Automatically removes weapon disabled conditions after 4 seconds.

Set 3: Unstable Tetryon Lattice
10 KM range, 3 min recharge
to target: 5,292.7 Tetryon Damage
5,292.7 Tetryon damage to foes within 5 KM of target
shuts down weapon stabilizers for 60 seconds.

Web mines and duel beam bank are nothing very special. The console has:
+5 shield power
+17.3 starship power insulators
+17.3 starship particle generator.
+10% accuracy with beam weapons

The set powers are:
Set 2: Tetryon Amplification
+7.4% tetryon damage
+14.7 Starship flow capacitors

Set 3" Refracting assault
Upgrade hyper dual beam bank's special firing modes, fire at will and beam overload will both hit additional targets
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# 2
05-15-2013, 08:25 PM
Tribble transfers are available again, so it might be best to just copy over your character with them and play around with your ideas.

I didn't find the sets that great on a Kar'fi beyond the set DBB, but it's quite a different boat than a Recluse.

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