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# 1 Medical Doff shortage
05-16-2013, 12:13 AM
As I'm sure anyone who has tried to buy common medical doffs off the exchange for fleet starbase projects has noticed, medical doffs have insanely high prices (often in the neighborhood of 100k), while sci doffs have insanely low prices (sometimes down to 5-10k).

The reason for this imbalance seems pretty clear to me: when a doff is randomly generated, its specialization is chosen from all those available, and then its department is determined from the specialization. So when generating a science/medical doff (for example, from the science officer recruitment mission, or the science officer packs at the starbase), the system randomly chooses from 13 specialties, 9 of which are science and 4 of which are medical, with the result that there are more than twice as many science doffs generated as there are medical ones, on average.

The same imbalance plays out with tac/sec (4/3 or 6/3 if you count warfare specialists), but it's not nearly as bad as sci/med. Ops/eng are nicely balanced at either 8/8 or 8/9, depending on whether you include consultants, and exchange prices reflect that.

The problem arises with starbase projects that require X number of science doffs and Y number of medical doffs. The science doffs get filled very quickly, but the medical ones are very slow and expensive to fill. Many fleets get slowed down on their science progression because of a shortage of medical doffs. It's a similar problem to the bartender/chef projects pre-season 7, when they required hearts of targ and romulan ale, which commanded ridiculous prices on the exchange.

I've heard some talk about fixing this, by modifying the starbase projects to accept any mix of sci/med, ops/eng, or sec/tac doffs, instead of fixed numbers from a specific department. Are there plans to implement this change with LoR next week?

As an additional benefit, this would also fix the annoying bug in the text of the projects: some projects say "tactical doffs" and some say "tactical department doffs". Of those same projects, some accept either tac or security, and others accept only tactical. But the name of the field doesn't tell you which is true for the particular project.

EDIT: oops, it seems there's already a thread about this. Please move to

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