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Hi all,

Not sure if Cryptic reads this, so will put pushing thru a bug report in game as soon as I can log back in as well.

I am a retired developer now living in Thailand, and while I have a good internet connection for this part of the world (10mb), the latency to any western servers is usually pretty high. On a very good day I can get 400, but generally its closer to 1000. At 400 I can play, but in space mode I get slingshotted backward every few seconds, and the ship looks as if it hit an object in space (turns/bounces back). At 1000, I dont move at all usually and get a disconnect from the server. In ground mode it seems to be better... I havnt noticed any problems there yet, but have only had limited time on the ground so far, since I cant get far in space

Latency is always a game killer with early release games, but I hope you can do something about it on this one - I am a huge star trek fan, and am looking forward to being able to play. I am willing to run structured tests to help isolate problem ares of game code if needed.... simply contact me.


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