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Hoi there,

i know most ppl want to move the fastes way posible to get from one end to another. But there are ppl out there who wants it slow -> walking is an option but is works only 1 time every 3 or 4 game restarts.
2nd to that, i am one of the kind who wants to set walking to the simple SHIFT-key, but that doesnt work at all. The option was set to just use this key.

Also i was unable to crouch in my last mission. The key was working in the options and i tryed to reassign the key to another but with no effect.

Didnt found a way to go around these two bugs. I tryed to verify the files, restarted the client, but nothing was working. Pure luck as i call it for the 1 time it worked with walking. It was bad luck for the 1 time crouch was not working.

EDIT I : It would be good if not the accountname would be shown in chat. Instead the ships-name would be a nice idea.

EDIT II : Crewmen have problems moving through narrow pathways and get kinda "stuck". If you set a new waypoint for them they move there, dont know how they move throught the wall or maybe get beamed? Maybe that is an server-issue due to some lag.

EDIT III : Suggestions:
* A login-queue would be nice too.
* Working stations on the bridge would be a charm (ie: i heard rumors saying that more than one person can fly in a ship and his friends can take the other consols on the same bridge / as off now i know there will only be the bridge in release, the other stuff will come later)
* finding anomalies is rather diffcult, a small hint after scanning in what direction they are would be good.
* The client starting window (the small one for news and stuff) got an option for "fast launch" - if that option is activated and you wanne change that, you really have only 2 seconds to try to open the options and change the setting. Would be good, if once the options is open it stays open and the start would be aborted until the user is clicking on OK.
* if you trade with another player ingame, you cant get things out of the trade-window if you accidentaly put something wrong in it.
* in space you should be able to trade by transporting the stuff you wanne trade to the other traders ship. af of time beeing you only can trade in the station or in a groundmission.
* The money should be renamed to energyrations or something (the icon implicates that it is not money). ST doesnt have money because the federation has no use for money. They use replicator-technology to reproduce anything they need. They trade goods and make deals but dont use money.
* would be nice to have more diplomatic missions without fighting or even you might get around fighting if you dont hold your weapon in hand while greeting someone (ie like the gorn).

* Some groundtextures start to flicker while in a fight. That occured to me and a friend in Starbase 24 and in a research-facility with white marbled floor.
* in the mission "aid the planet" the person is asking for 10x medical supplies. I had 2 with me but they were not taken and i only got 2/10 solved in this mission, no further contact from the planet .. i waited 30 minutes and flew around the planet but i didnt know what to do other than to leave the system. (Ment to be? More instruction or the message that more supplies are needed would be nice).

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