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I'm loving the new Romulan stuff and have been playing through a bit since beta with my friends, but I thought I'd use this to just share my feelings on some stuff I noticed. I know they won't likely fix or address these issues, especially so close to release, but I just wanted to do my part as a tester and express some stuff I noticed.

1. why does Satra come with Stasis Specialist when she seems to have been built to be a healer by default and the other science officer, Hiven, comes with a hold but does not have this trait? Maybe it's random and they both have different traits by default, I've only tried the one character, but I got the impression that these first 4 characters were special and as such scripted to be a certain way.

2. I LOVE everything about the bridge of the Romulan ships, especially how there doesn't seem to be a single chair I can't sit in unless someone elses butt is already planted there. However this begs the question, why is that STILL true for Fed ships? Why can't you make Fed ships as interactive as the new ones? In fact, with the exception of the different bridges, most of the ship interior parts are the same (sick bay, lounge, engineering, captain's quarters) so why can't you finally make it so we can sit here. Some of my most satisfying immersion so far has been going to the Romulan lounge and either sitting at the bar or at the couches in the back, looking out the window, this is an experience I feel has always been missing for Feds and is further annoying as the TOS and DS9 bridge sets had all that built in, so what's with the ignoring of the rest?

I can kind of understand there being too many bridges to do it right away, but the rest is almost always the same, seems it should be easy, plus doing one bridge every update would at least be something, but considering how long we've had all this bridge room and how long we've had chairs you can sit in, it's staggers me how many you still can't use and what a waste that is for immersion and RP. (ESD is a good example as well.)

3. That being said since I'm listing little things, I've never said this out loud, but I wish we could either interact with consoles too, or there was a emote that looked like we were clicking buttons on one, much like NPC's can do. I've always felt like it would be a fun RP additive to the game. I don't expect these ideas to halt anything, but they could make for interesting side projects or things to consider.

4. Pathing for officers seem to be a nightmare. During "Crossroads at Crateris" me and my friend had to backtrack numorus times to get back officers and NPC's who chose to just stand there and do nothing, with no visible reason as to why they were stuck. Don't get me wrong, it's a vast improvement over falling through the map, but this isn't ok either. Also of note was "Gasko Blues" where one of my team mates fell through the map when we used the turbolift to move between lvl's. They fell to the bottom, just like when we visit each others bridges, but this time she was greeted with a pop up that took her back to the map. This tells me that rather than tracking the issue and fixing it, a lazier approach was taken to work around it. Well now the issue effects missions and not just bridges, and for the record the "location" it took her too wasn't very smart either, it ported her to the beginning of the map and at THIS location at THIS point, it was over run by the boss and it's spawn, so she was instantly slaughtered. Don't get me wrong, no penalty for dying...except the rest of us were two floors away and she had to sit out of all the fun and wait, that's not very much fun.

5. I would have liked it better if:

1. They gave us our items from our packs to try out. Who's to say they will work right either? Given the track record something will be bugged even a little and that could be addressed now. Nothing causes my rage, hate, and backlash then something not working that WAS paid for. I'm just saying, it would have been nice to test them and to avoid drama later.

2. If we could have tested stuff we already unlocked. I find it interesting that not only does the C-Store not contain a legacy unlock tab, but it doesn't keep track of all my accounts purchases. I've unlocked every ship for Feds on LIVE, except the Andorian stuff, and yet that's not true of test. I like Champions set up a little better.

I may add more as I test and explore more. I know some of this may have been mentioned or seem stupid or unimportant to others, but if I'm still talking about it now then it's still not been addressed and should at least be noticed, and I wouldn't be doing my job as a beta testing player if I didn't share my opinion on stuff.

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