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# 1 Cutting the Cord - Bugs/Issues
05-15-2013, 04:28 PM
Several things I've noticed about Cutting the Cord

1.) Upon entering Hakeev's plaza, your reinforcements are already waiting for you. You get the option to call them, but it doesn't do anything (since they're already there).

2.) After the cutscene where Hakeev draw's his last breath, he is standing at his last position with 0 health. Fortunately zombie Hakeev doesn't do anything other than stand there.

3.) When the ship comes through the gateway in the asteroid and drag's Sela's ship it looks ridiculous. It flops around like a flag in the breeze.

4.) After destroying the 3 nodes on the asteroid you get prompted to leave the system, but if you are still in red alert, you "cannot change map while in combat." Most of your other mission ending dialogs pop up quickly like this, whereas most of the middle-of-the-mission dialogs wait until red-alert drops. Suggestion: drop the time to get out of combat or make the dialog wait. My preference is for the former.
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# 2
05-19-2013, 01:46 PM
Another issue I noticed was once I approached Hakeev the cutscenes with him talking to Sela started. Sela immediately faded away and became invisible though the sound and dialogue continued.

Edit: During "Icon of an Empire" I noticed two peculiar things - 1 Sela's ship wouldn't activate it's main weapon from cloak if your ship was cloaked. This meant that whenever she cloaked I would cloak and then her ship would standstill. Eventually my sensors would locate her and I'd be able to attack. Her ship would immediately recloak again and move to another sneak attack position.

I suppose I could have kept doing this but instead stopped cloaking so that she would stay visible long enough to be attacked.

2 After Sela's ship is defeated and the Iconian ship begins to tow it to the gate, Sela's ship begins to spin wildly as it is dragged along. This a rather comical sight although I sort of felt sorry for them.

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