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Seeing this in map after map after map.

Either the top 1/2 of screen is clear and the bottom 1/2 blurry - you can see where it starts and stops or you can clearly make out a circle around your ship - the inside of the circle is clear and anything outside of it is blurry
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05-01-2014, 12:11 PM
I think most of the people have those options deactivated, because they are useless (i meant that they are really bad implemented in this game). You will not lose anything valuable if you deactivate em. In fact, you should. I deactivated em the second day i started playing and i realized they make the grahics worst instead the opposite.

I remember in Defera looking at my shadow, and instead of a shadow, seeing a circular dark glow and i always wondered what the hell was that. It was the ambient oclusion.. only that it was not ambient oclusion at all lol.
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05-01-2014, 05:04 PM
I stopped using Ambient Occlusion because it seemed to be too "active" an effect, instead of just a subtle shading it seemed like there was a dancing fuzz in the corners of things which I didn't think looked very realistic.
As for Cinematic Focus, in a com/cinematic window, the scene has to be scripted to set the focus on the speaker not the background, hence the background goes out of focus in the window, but in regular view no such prioritizing is set, so the effect, which shouldn't be able to work out of cinematics, is instead functioning randomly, causing some things to appear fuzzy and others not. I never did get the point of the effect even when it did work right, but now it is an actual hindrance so it has to stay off.
Whatever they did with the changes to the graphics for season 9 it sure does seem like they put the thing in a blender and pushed puree because a lot of people with even the best systems are having problems.
If something is not broken, don't fix it, if it is broken, don't leave it broken.
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05-02-2014, 07:33 AM
Originally Posted by maxvitor View Post
I never did get the point of the effect even when it did work right, but now it is an actual hindrance so it has to stay off.
Ambient oclusion and cinematic depth of field never worked as intended, thats the point. Those effects are so bad implemented in STO since the game was created that it is embarrasing to have em activated. I use em in other games, and they are great effects if the engine can actually produce realistic effects, but it is not the case of STO. If i want shadow oclusion, what i dont want is a blurry dark glow around me, because i dont have any idea what the hell is that. Not a shadow, not a derived shadow from other object, in the end, "shadow oclusion" doest mean in STO what means in other games lol. So, thre is no sense on having it activated, since it doesnt improve the realistic effect of the game, just the opposite. Not to mention, it lowers the performance in some machines.

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