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The Dual Cannon hardpoints for the D'deridex Battlecruiser are still not attached to the model of the ship itself, though their relative position is okay.

The turret hardpoints for the Ha'anom Guardian Warbird, however, are usually completely off. I've also noticed that the tractor beam emitter points are sometimes askew, too.
I've also noticed that some of the hardpoints for Single Beam Arrays are along the wings for the Ha'anom, but I feel that they maybe might look a bit better coming from somewhere along the forward hull section? (around its "head", as it were)
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I'd also like to note that single cannons and using the BOFF abilities cannon rapid fire and cannon scatter volley, makes the cannon fire come from the center of the D'deridex Warbird in the space between the nacelles, rather than from the head of the ship.
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Im just going to re-iterate here...

The Ha'feh:

Since this ship has no detail, no deflector, well nothing really, some things look very very odd.

Effects just shoot out of the ships hull. They should be coming out of the deflector. But it doesnt have one.

The spot where the imaginary deflector point has been placed seems too far back in the nose.

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