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Please? It would be so awsome if you could change the subterfuge trait on Veril and replace it with the new Infiltrator trait ? It would be so cool to keep my Reman gal on my bridge even at high level.

I would really be wonderfull if you dev could do this
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07-03-2013, 05:33 PM
Plus one.

You balance (aka nerf) warbirds around the assumption we'll use the battle cloak, which really needs at least one Reman with infiltrator equipped.

When LOR launched you gave all Romulans a Reman with the ambush duration bonus in Veril. Then you took it away.

And into the bargain you took it away from every other Reman boff players had chosen for this bonus.

Given the cost of these officers on the exchange, you've effectively robbed every Romulan player of millions of EC.

This is not a good way to treat customers.

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