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I searched for 8 pages of bug report posts and did not see my old mail fail thread, so I guess that I have to begin a new one.

Previous, once this new UI and new mail system started for Tribble, I discovered that I could not send mail on Tribble only. Items I try to send were not taken out of my inventory. The mail would act just as if when I pressed the SEND button, I had instead pressed the CLEAR button. Then I discovered that all of the items on Tribble that I had stored in old mails had vanished. : (

On 04/19/13, shortly after logging in, There was suddenly a flood of Exchange returns from Exchange@Exchange (I believe) that seemed to be returning my items to me that were stored in Tribble mails (there's a lot of them). While it is great to have the things back, they are all out of order and I was previously using the subject line to describe what the contents of my 'storage mails' was. No luck anymore. Now they are all 'Lot #240999' and stuff like that, in random orders.

I could live with that. Just means that the next two or three months, I would be sorting them all out.


I *STILL* can't send mail to myself or anyone else, whether there are items attached or not. That means that I can't re-store items in an organized way back into mail. I have to leave everything in that big jumble since I can't put it back in there.

Worse, now it seems that others can't send me mail, either. When they try, it fails the same way. Go ahead and try it on Tribble: @alkelda

This is going to totally suck when it goes live if I still have the same issue with mail.

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# 2
04-25-2013, 12:01 PM
Yep - I've been trying to send mail for a few days now - no joy.
Sadly, I will NOT become a lifetime member due to PWE's absolutely horrid "customer service." If PWE corrects this, then I will glad to purchase one.
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# 3
05-03-2013, 09:25 AM
still broken - even after that big tribble update
Sadly, I will NOT become a lifetime member due to PWE's absolutely horrid "customer service." If PWE corrects this, then I will glad to purchase one.
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# 4 Return of the Mail Fail
05-10-2013, 01:25 AM
Post-wipe of all Tribble characters, when all of my Tribble mail was erased, too, I discovered that my replacement romulan character *could* actually send mail. Yay...

But my joy was brief. After sending around a dozen mails, suddenly, I discover that I can't send mail again.

Is there some sort of limitation or guard built into the new mail system that won't let you send more than x mails a day?

In addition, I am receiving double mails for every returned item from the Tribble Exchange. And the mails have weird addresses on them, like Exchange@Redshirt or Exchange@plasmatorpedo. Some are not containing items, either. As if the exchange generated the mail to return an item, then just didn't do that.

I have also repeatedly crashed while opening mail or deleting mail. Half an hour to error dump and send that report, then another 20 minutes or so to verify each time. Whee.

Is Cryptic still *working on* the new mail system? Or is it in its final incarnation before live deployment?

Because, if this garbage carries over to Holodeck, and I am not the only one who has this stuff happen, this forum will burn and I will not be the one supplying matches...
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# 5 Legacy of Mail Fail
05-17-2013, 03:31 PM
05/17/13: Mail seems a crapshoot. Sometimes it works. Most of the time, it does not get sent.

This is going to be totally awful if it goes live like Tribble mail is now.

And, I really hope that any items we have in mail on Holodeck are not going to go the same route as what happened to Tribble mail. That is: vanish from the organized mails with subject lines stating what items were in there, then being returned as exchange returned items, with subject lines like "Exchange lot #302444" in random order.
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# 6 Legacy of Mail Fail
05-21-2013, 02:31 AM
As of current patch (05/20/13), one day before Holodeck live release, the new mail system that I was assured in this forum would have all bugs worked out by release is *still* buggy.

Currently, I cannot send mail again. I cannot delete mail.

What good is a mail system that does not deliver the mail?

Since there seems no changes with this patch that I can see with the mail system, I can only assume that this is what we will have on Holodeck.


The old mail system worked. It might have been a little laggy since you had all of the mails from all of the servers there, but it *worked.*

This system has not worked right since it was first put on Tribble.

If it is not too late, please do not push the new system onto Holodeck until it can actually let a player get a mail through!

I cannot stress this issue enough. I am a fleet leader on Holodeck (I was on Tribble, too, until the Big Wipe...). I have already sent out a fleet mail to my fleet warning them of the mail changes. I told everyone to get their items out of mail before LoR goes live.

Is that going to be my *last* fleet mail on Holodeck?
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I have not had in game mail for a long time, the only messages I get are from the exchange and I can't send email with or without items. This is on holodeck so I don't know what to do. I can't view the support page either do too many redirects and I have emailed them a view times on this, but no response. I am "forever" stuck in a loop without end!
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# 8 Mail Minigame
06-15-2013, 02:56 AM
Will your mail get sent?
Will your items get sent with it?
Will it fail for no apparent reason?
Will the mail ever be reliable, again?

All these questions and more can be addressed in Mail Fail, the latest STO minigame

Seriously, though, trying to get mail out on Tribble and now on Holodeck is a 'cross your fingers and click send' crapshoot.
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# 9
06-15-2013, 11:36 PM
So I can see that we still cant send mail items, seems perfect world entertainment isn't so perfect. Haveing problems accross different games with the same issue may be time to hang up the gloves and "find a new game to play time" for me, maybe come back in a few months and see if these people have stopped making errors and started fixing them.

Knowing that I cant expect to much for free to play but there are errors in game going back 2 years in early missions with some of the first borg fights still not fixed, so I put to hope in this issue getting fixed any time soon. shame really, as i do like the game just hate the problems. Good luck gamers and get to it cryptic.

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