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05-17-2013, 09:57 AM
because its star trek, and space ships and an actual test of skill, unlike everything else were all you do is apply DPS, time, and hope you dont get 1 shot. the harder it is to kill, the more satisfying it is, and all the power creep keeps making it harder. i like good C&H best i think, its got a mix of arena action and 1v1 duels. hate it when they get bloated to 10v10.
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05-17-2013, 10:13 AM
I do PvP because i like the competition against other live players and other strong fleets. I think, only fighting with them you can really improve your gameplay. Seeing different strategies and tactics and think up defenses and work arounds to "cancel" them is another point that keeps me tied to PvP.
I do that to be recognized as a good player, as well, and to improve my fleet premade
Usually i do Arena, but in these days i'm re-evaluating C&H
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05-17-2013, 10:24 AM
i do come from shooters, this is my first mmo (wouldn't ever started with if it not was/felt trek to me in the first place). so i'm used to go against players in teams.
+ reached endgame and guess what: started to pvp and got beaten to hell. got some advice on the forums, adapted, tested a few things myself and finally got a lilttle clue of the game-mechanics (not a pro at all ).
now there's nothing in this game that attracts me more. i regularly team up with mates to have fun .
i just wish it would be possible to achieve everything ingame only by pvp'ing (would even be happy with some new pug-maps ).

p.s.: it's the challenge which attracts me (beside teaming up with nice people).
i also love c&h. guess it's the most of a battle like in the shows you can get ingame.

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05-17-2013, 10:45 AM
I PvP because I like the excitement, the rush of it all. But I don't really like something like Cap and Hold (never have liked it or Capture the flag type scenarios at all). I'm not a massive fan of the premade-v-premade thing (I'll do it, and it's nothing against anyone here of course, it's just not as a big a thing to me).

What I like the most is Ker'rat. I like the openness, the feeling of 'this could change' at any time. If you go there, you know that anything and everything can, will, and does happen. You could be a lone BoP against an instance full of Feds, or be dealing with a group of BoPs who will constantly harass everyone in a map, or something else.

And it's always changing. Within a few minutes, you could go from being a lone KDF player to suddenly having a whole team's worth of backup and shift the balance in your favor.

Or maybe it won't ever come, who knows. But that's what I love about it, the unknown, the unexpected.

I'm not a fan of really really gimmicky PvP types, can't think of an example atm though. But I do like new situations where using other, different strategies is rewarded. For example, in Ker'rat, if I see a dedicated Snooper come into the map, and I am on a Fed, I will STICK with that Snooper, regardless of what I am doing, because I know that the Snooper will find some tasty cloaked ships to kill as long as I support him.

That is what I like most in PvP.

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05-17-2013, 11:30 AM
Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
For you guys that prefer Arenas (me too), would you mind answering why you prefer arenas vs. a mode like C&H?
Because CnH is disorganized and overly lengthy bull****ery.

If I get into a long match, it better be against a good team and in a structured engagement.

CnH would be more tolerable if capturing points wasn't so painfully slow.

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05-17-2013, 11:31 AM
I PvP because it's mostly an enjoyable experience. It doesn't hurt that I have a good group of guys to play with either.

PvE is boring and only reserved for grinding gear or reputation for my characters.

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05-17-2013, 12:04 PM
Vaping noobs
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05-17-2013, 12:15 PM
I pvp for the fun of fightng against thinking opponents and I enjoy all aspects of it.
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05-17-2013, 12:24 PM
Completely as I predicted when I started playing, pvp is something you start doing when you are bored with everything else.

Once you reach the point there is nothing left to grind pve for you start to pvp.

And that's exactly what happened to me. I litterly have nothing in the game I want (minus the flamethrower).

That being said I wouldn't show up for pvp if it didn't pay dilithium.

I pvp both kling and fed side and I have to say for most parts it's really one-sided. I help gank playing kling and I fight 3 vs 1 as a fed.

Probably the most shocking part so far is I am in an atrox with tos phasers, a tank-controller hybrid and nearly everytime I will be numero uno on the dps chart.
(fed side only of course)
Which tells me if you want to win a pvp match you better play kling because honestly I have no idea what I am doing so I should be at the buttom in my mind.
BUT, as I said since it at least pays dilithium I am okay with being people's gameplay.

Then on rare occasions you show up where it's an even match. Myself I had like 3 so far

Most of the times though I run into 3 people cloaked attacking my flank with x 3 alpha strike and before the first volley hits me the script calculated my shields are down.
So when it actually hits graphically I blow up. The whole thing lasting like 5 seconds including the time it takes to run the ship explosion animation.
Which in itself is fair, a 3 vs 1 all purple consoles vs me they should win decisively.

I see it two ways. One people with all purple consoles and items from the c-store and lockboxes vs a all white fed player who hit level 50 yesterday.
It sort of makes me think about premade ships so you'd have the same chance.

On the other hand I get that pvp'ers, for the most parts, are people who spent a long time grinding who should be allowed to use the items they spent so much effort on, and in some cases real life money.
It wouldn't make much sense blocking that content for them.

I don't know how to fix the gameplay or game modes within the current mindset. We've learned from pve that even the most simple objectives are completely ignored or misunderstood.
If you start adding say escorting targets or other type of gamemodes they'd have to be insanely explained during gameplay with huge markers or arrows and font size 400 in blinking red letters with 2 or 3 exclamation marks.

Ultimately though, pvp is potentially the best gameplay there could be.
Reason being it's far more dynamic. You have react instead of act.
If you ever play games like swat 4 or l4d or even gta they all picked up on the idea that gameplay has to be dynamic and change based on what you do. Whereas most games to this day are exclusively based on trial and error or memory.

PVP comes closer to being dynamic but you are still playing the same map. The objective would have to change and the map itself should also be dynamic.
One thing you could add with dynamic spawn points is space anomalies or weather effects - the game has it in small degree already. Which'd also add a more trek feel instead of just "blank space".

If you went and did that with everything, so one map you trying to protect a freighter or medical ship through say an ion storm in dark space, next one you have to beam some miners up from a debri field or w/e it'd could potentially not just the best parts about this here game but the best pvp for any mmo.
Key being, open ended mission with additional layers of star trek in both the objectives and the environment.
How many episodes where about some damned phenomena in space? Why not use it
And the real beauty of it is you'd add exploration because everytime you go on a map, there are planets or moons or debris yes but it always look differently and thing always spawn in random places, you never play by memory. Just like it makes space seem more infinite.
Add to all that, if it were me, I'd add small war like story through the text window.
"Support troops on planet whatever in the klingon war effort" etc.

Swap the color around, swap the background around, change spawn locations and it's a new map everytime, even if you are basically just moving to a trigger point to hit "f".

Classic deathmatch is about 20 years old you know, by now there isn't any excuses to not try to think a little outside the box (pun).
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05-17-2013, 12:31 PM
Being part of dummyname's fleet, I PvP because he tells me to!

In all seriousness though, I PvP because I find it more exciting than the endless STFs, Fleet missions, story missions, etc. as it's a dynamic team environment, which is much more fun than the same scripted encounters. Even losing at an arena is a lot more fun than grinding the same encounters for marks/dil!

I don't min/max as much as other people, but I enjoy trying new things, throwing something into the pot that'll stir things up (like my JHEC sciscort) and generally doing things that some people would not. I do fly premades (fleet) but I also enjoy PuGing it, as you never know what you're going to get, with some PuGs being really hopeless, whilst others are really good.

Having played SWTOR, WoW and EVE, I can say this is the first game I have actively come back for the PvP, despite the broken stuff and terrible graphics issues at times (looking at you Warp Plasma!), as it's so much fun (though that's mainly because of the challenge). The team thing is definitely the big draw though, as everyone has to pull their weight, and I do always feel terrible if I feel I'm not pulling my fair share of it.

Of the modes available, I have to say I spend most of my time in Arena, usually having to FvF as that's what the fleeties do and it's somewhat 'safe'. However, I do prefer FvK (on either my Feds or my KDFs), as the difference between both teams makes things more interesting and creates a much better experience. I do some C&H, as I find it a bit more relaxed, but the fact that it taking forever to capture a point is a real put off. Arenas can be very tense, which gets the adrenaline going, and shows where you may be failing.

Plus, I find the PvPers to be fairly helpful and friendly most of the time. It's very rare that I will encounter someone who doesn't tell me how he/she killed me if I ask. Plus, I do think that speccing/equipping for PvP makes most PvE almost a face roll (one hit kills notwithstanding).

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