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# 1 Nausicans
05-31-2013, 03:02 AM
Since I was able to roll a Reman, I got a bit into the ugly races. My eye fell on the Nausicaans (I have the Garumba, so that makes it complete).

Well, the Nausicaans are fine, very badass looking, but they have no ears. I must say it looks weird, esspecially when you go bald headed. The letheans have those textures, there is also no earshell, but with Nausicaans there is nothing.

Does that make sense? How do these guys hear? I do think that forehead shell has a purpose in registering sound and where it is coming from.

Did a Google and wiki search. There are pictures from the series. In most case you cannot see the ears because of the long hair. On some however you can see a little of an ear structure. Not surprising, these are actors with make up of course. So what are we going to do about it?

Update 2.
Doing the research I read that their average length is above 2 meters. However in the game the max length is 1.98. I am wondering what happens when you stretch body or/and legs. It seems that the character gets bigger. I set the length slider to max, body to 3 and legs to 4. That gives a fairly impressive character, but the 1.98 does not make much sense. The body 2, leg 3 was also 1.98. The 3/4 guy is taller.

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