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Using the Duty Officer Recruitment Console on New Romulus Command, it will only allow you to use civilian duty officers for reassigning/(combine 5 to get 1 higher) or exchanging (splitting 1 higher to get 3 lower).

Was using a Romulan/FED.

Went to SFA and was able to see both reassign and exchange missions for all the departments, not just civilian.

Did not have a problem with Romulan Doffs vs FED labeled Doff, as I had a mix of civilian doffs that were able to be used.
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05-17-2013, 01:21 PM
Last time I checked the console I was able to use all departments without issues - KDF Rom.

My only complaint/disappointment is that the doffs we get can be both Romulan and FED/KDF. I was hoping this would be a way of obtaining more Romulan/Reman-only doffs, but I guess not.

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