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For 5 days now we have been faithfully adding bugs and reports to your server. I myself have reported bugs that are still in game even though you say they are resolved, and others are still reporting the same bugs (I.E. the missing away teams, lag issues, and over powered NPCs.) I've beta'd before and instead of adding people to the beta, the others focused on fixing the game and getting balance to the game itself. The last few days was when the beta went public and people flooded the servers, and then addressed game issues.
Right now, the server lag needs to be addressed . Consider using more than one hub/server/shard. Eve works on one server by limiting players to around 50,000 online at once. If you want subs, and player counts like WoW, you need to do like they did and ADD SERVERS. BTW Sony even runs multiple servers, rumor has you did at one point as well. Server population is killing us and making to where we can;t test the stuff. Space is fine, however ground is where the lag issues are killing the game.
I even went back in game while writing to make sure i didn't get logged, and went down continue my mission and low and behold no away team again. Honestly if you thnink we don't read our submitted tickets you're wrong, again not the first time testing. When you say a bug has been resolved it needs to be fixed and not a recurring issue. Let us feel that we contributing to the success of STO actually resolve the issues before you continue down a path to ruin a dream for many people.
On that note, i'm going back to testing with a final request, do another emergency maintanece period and give us patch that address the tickets submitted to the game. Most of us testing right now are your Pre-Orders custumers, THAT means we are your player base and your meal ticket over the next few years. We are the ones who will be paying you to play STO, I think we should be listened to for quite some time.

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