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# 1 Character Creator buggy
04-03-2014, 10:59 PM
I created a new character to look at some stuff; and noticed some things;
  • The Character Creator system (not the character editor, from the tailors) is extremely laggy, so much so I basically created a default character.
  • The Initial Antareas Uniform 'selling' screen (the first screen you see when making a new character, not the pick race, gender, etc one). And just the part 'selling' the uniform flickers.
  • None of the presets are visible, all the boxes are just black. However the presets are there, just not showing up.
  • There is a Workbee flying around in the background at just above default head-height. Whenever it passes behind your character it appears as if your character's model freaks out for a bit, this may be partially due to the lag.

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# 2
06-16-2014, 07:29 AM
I' ve just completed patching the geme today and I can say that I have bugs with character creator as well. Everything seems fine except the appearance editor. But when I click that tab, there seems to be no any kinds of sliders at all. I tried switching different races and factions, all the same. I' m sorry if I ask stupid questions, just I' m a newbie tho this game. But any idea what might be causing the bug. I have Windows 7 Ultimate, and I' ve already tried running STO as an administrator or in the compatibility mode. Any idea on what should I do? I just want to try out the customization instead of going with a default character.
Edit: Looks like I posted this in the wrong section... Sorry for clumsiness again... Just I' m not allowed to create my own threads so far... And there seems to be no button to delete a post either...

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