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# 1 KDF feedback...
05-17-2013, 03:28 PM
Soooo ive gotten past the initial story line with the spy and all. Great missions so far, I was genuinly impressed!! Seeing as this was my first KDF character, i was expecting this to continue...

And then I started playing the missions that I now suspect were made over 2 years ago...

The klingon chancellor suggests we steal a runabout (just like that) to infiltrate federation space and rescue other captured klingons..

This mission is buggy and incredibly boring, not to mention the story is awful. Punch a hole in the starbase defence line. So while Im shooting at 2 fed ships the other 10 around the starbase just stand there doing nothing. Not even a distress call from the base. And once Im through, I beam on to the starbase which hasnt bothered to raise their shields despite the fact that there is an enemy ship in orbit.

Once onboard, I have to kill almost every single crewmember in order to steal a runabout. There is no interaction whatsoever with my crew like in the previous missions, not to mention that the federation crew is ridiciously overpowered, constantly healing themselves. The red alert sound gets really annoying after about 2 minutes so I literally muted the sound in order to finish the mission.

Once I have a runabout, I warp to the federation prison only to discover that I have to shoot down even more federation ships, who should easily be able to shoot down my runabout. (what happened to my stealth mission? Could just have taken my BOP cloaked and avoid detection) But I digress...

I take out one ship at a time whilst the other ones simply watch from a distance. The prison of course does not have any defensive shielding whatsoever.

Once onboard, I again battle throngs of security officers (who at least look like they are patroling). In order to save a mere 4 klingon prisoners. This story needs a bit of polish and a lot less pow pow.

I realise this is an old missions, but playing through the first 6 or 7 missions I was having so much fun as a klingon. These last 2 missions are repetative, predictable and unrealistic. I do hope the other klingon missions arent like this.

Any feedback appriciated!!

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