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I have not had the chance to test this on Holodeck. This is the Dyson rep shield, not the Solanae shield.

1) The shield skin is not transparent when cloaked. As you can see, only the non-textured parts of the hull are transparent, while the Dyson texture is still visible and opaque. All the other shields that I have tested lose their texture when cloak is activated.

2) When the ship takes damage while under cloak (such as plasma fire or explosion damage), the shield proc activates because damage was detected while a facing was at zero health. This shouldnt happen when the shield is disabled. For one thing, the proc cannot heal the (disabled) shield, so it is a complete waste of the proc. Second, it puts the proc on cooldown which means it cannot happen if the ship comes out of cloak for any reason. Simply put, the proc needs to be disabled if the ship is under cloak.

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