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# 1 Mixed bag of testing feedback
05-18-2013, 03:48 AM
As the title says, a mixed bag of feedback/bug reports from this week's time on Tribble with a Romulan character:

1) In "Sifting through Memories on Virinat," in the HUD box on the right (mission tracker?) "Maiori" is misspelled as "Maori."

2) The color palettes for the Klingon Romulan gauntlets do not appear to match each other.

3) The little "suggestion boxes" that pop up when typing a command such as "/emote" seem to be limited by the width of the chat box itself, and unless the chatbox is wide enough this makes the dance floor mission more difficult (and probably is cumbersome in other situations too).

4) When progressing through the Nimbus III/Wasteland story arc, I found myself unable to change to my Tal Shiar-themed or Klingon Romulan-themed costumes, though my Romulan Republic-themed and civilian vest costumes worked (IIRC).

5) Depressingly, in the mission "Blind Men Tell All Tales," the prisoners you free seem to respawn back in prison before you even leave the holding area.

6) In "A Fistful of Gorn," the dotted circles in the minimap stay around the three consoles in the canyon entrance even after you are done interacting with them, making things a bit confusing if you get turned around your first time.

7) The maximum zoom level for the D'deridex isn't close enough in my opinion. This has actually been an issue for me since zoom levels were adjusted the most recent time on Holodeck, some months ago. There are certain ships that one just can't zoom in particularly close to for beauty shots or admiration. It is a shame that one of the most coveted new ships in LoR, the D'deridex, also appears to fall into this category. I would really, REALLY love it if it were possible to zoom a bit closer to this and a number of other ships. (Compare the maximum zoom level of the Defiant, which I think is great, to that of the D'deridex and a bunch of older ships)

Also, when you enter warp in a D'deridex, the camera has the opposite problem in that it jumps inside the ship.

Mostly minor fixes and suggestions (except number 7, which is really important to me). Great job on the new content! The new missions are fantastic. Back to testing.

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