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This post here pretty much sums up most of the problems:

Originally Posted by markhawkman View Post
Actually, you're missing a few things...

#1 is that it's two different software tools that read the files. The regular character creator, and the Foundry char creator. Those two functions have different sets of values that they can store.

#2 is that the import/export tool could be used to create unholy hybrids of races that were never meant to exist. And this was without hex editing. One example was a ground char that's part Orion part Caitian.

#3 is one I did prsonally several times, this was costuming a ground or space char as the other.

#4 is that the import tool culd be used to import almost any costume in the game. Even ones not normally available in Foundry. This is something I've done personally many times. For example: Save a costume of a Breen Chel Grett (a ship one of my characters owned), then import the costume into Foundry so that I can throw a Chel Grett skin on a random char. It worked great.

But again, we don't know the exact issue. Sure creating an importer to read a list of variables is easy. But, the hard part is getting the varibles inputted to where they're supposed to go. That was already problematic in ways the devs hadn't anticipated.
These above issues usually ended up crashing the foundry. The Devs said it would eventually return, but did not have an ETA on when it would return.

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