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Greetings, This feedback is regarding the gameplay order of some episodes.

Primarily, the Breen Featured Episode which seems to Intersect the (much more complete when played together) Borg and then Undine missions. The Mission Before "State of Q" seems to move directly into the Undine missions from a story standpoint, and while I can see taking a break to mess around with Q, going off to fight the Breen, then coming right back to where you left off just seems silly to me, and a bit confusing for someone playing through the game for the first time. and I have done it a few times now.

PLEASE, If possible, move the Breen Missions to right after the Cardassian Missions, before the Borg missions (I imagine missions are coded to make this at least sort of easy to do as missions have been added throughout STO's lifetime) - Thank you for considering this.

ADDITIONAL: While there are some other places where stories seem to skip around (sometimes I think it is to keep things "Local" to where the other missions take place, but it can confuse the story, especially for someone experiencing things for the first time). Especially the Federation "Klingon Front" missions. The Featured Dividian episodes just seem thrown in there for example. You run around looking for what B'vat is doing, only to find him stealing all kinds of Bio-Matter which could be used for cloning and then ... you randomly go off to fight the Dividians, only to come back and finish the B'vat storyline again with "The Ultimate Klingon". While now I understand better how it all ties together, when I was a New Player 6 months ago, it was basically impossible to follow the story because of how broken it is. - ditto with some Cardassian and Romulan missions, it seems to jump around instead of finishing one "Story" before going on to the next one.

I guess what I am suggesting is, break things up into smaller "Chapters" that come to a finish before starting a new "Chapter" of the ongoing story. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE all the "recurring guest stars", like Amar Sing showing up later in "Facility 4028" (for FEDS anyway - and on another note, don't you think you could just dump Karak altogether for KDF version, I mean Sing was working with the Klingons after all) but actual "Story Arcs" need to keep together if possible. - Thanks again

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