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Originally Posted by cynder2012 View Post
hehehe, yeah i saw the same stuff.....particularly the one night stand ...and the fact that the actresses for were probably sisters, as they had the same last name my question was with the dreadnought class....cannons and were those Missiles? i swear i saw alot of smoke coming from the backs of those.

Loved the Section 31 references

tails rule hahaah...hmm memory alpha (for the summary) says the girls in the one night stand were caitians....did they actually look like caitians? hehehh

I found the part with Bones talking about the emergency c-section for the Gorn pretty funny
Yeah in the new Star Trek the video game which is supposed to be a prequel of this film, that exact thing happens, sulu and bones are left at the shuttle while kirk and spock go off exploring the gorn planet. Bones comes over the comm and says sulu stunned a pregnant gorn and he had to preform an emergency c-section, and the "Scaley bastard nearly ripped my face off."
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Originally Posted by cynder2012 View Post
yeah i figured as much

yeah realized i put an S in there and never went back to correct it haha

thats true lol

Very cute.

But seriously why are people so upset about the new Trek movies. I think they work great as movies. The TV show had the benefit of an entire season to develop characters/plots and then slowly come to a resolution. you can't do that with a two hour movie. I have watched every Trek series every movie and read a few books. JJ Trek holds up pretty well compared to most of the other Trek stuff. With that said I hope that a new TV series gets made and that it does have a different pacing then the JJ movies and is more like DS9/TNG.

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Originally Posted by spork87 View Post
I refuse to watch it based on how bad the previous film was, and nothing Paramount can do will ever redeem themselves in my eyes, for so long they were loyal to the fans and then they tossed all the fans out of an airlock. As far as STO and it not acting like Starfleet thats a given in an MMO, I accept that and do not consider this game cannon, the last real peice of cannon was Nemesis
Then don't watch it, seriously. You're the one who'll miss out, not the people who watch it. Personally, I loved the film, for many of the reasons Leviathan states. I actually found myself thinking "this is how Cryptic WISHES they could write" while watching it.

All you griefers -at least, those who actually see the film BEFORE nerdraging.... novel concept, I know- keep this in mind: if the ideals of Into Darkness are "mindless", crap and unTrek, then you're REALLY not paying attention to STO's core message and style.

If we had all stopped watching Trek when we saw one bad episode/movie/season (and ALL the shows had each) we wouldnt've gotten very far.

Case in point: how did you get to watch Nemesis, when Insurrection was such an awful awful movie?

Lastly... don't mean to be a jerk, but your sig really should say "Boldly". Bodly is not a word.
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Originally Posted by bwleon7 View Post
I knew i recognized them from somewhere...Return to Halloween Town

and Very Cute

Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
I find this line of replies sadly hilarious. We put a lot of work into the massive list of fixes/changes above, and ya'll are hung up on the ability to skip our content. =p

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