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I purchased the Legacy Pack, but have not claimed it yet. I was also considering purchasing the Lifetime Subscription at discount during the time it was offered. However, and although I really enjoyed the Tribble BETA of the Legacy of Romulus content, I am seeing more disruptive issues since the season launch. These issues are not merely cosmetic and I began carefully considering whether a LTS would be the best use of my money, as well as began questioning my previously carefully considered purchase of the Legacy Pack.

Because of all the delays and problems due to lost material from development/bug-related issues, I am having a hard time justifying investing a lot into a game that is taking more time dealing with technical difficulties, automated ticket resolutions that show evidence of not being viewed by technical support, and a technical support communications system that fails to operate when I attempt to use it. I appreciate that the Cryptic team is working hard to fix these things, but I only have so much time and money to spend waiting for things to work.

Since the issues of the game have caused me to spend less time playing, I have begun to fill my time with other things. Successful companies usually train their customer support well enough to handle problems and respond to reported issues from customers personally because it means the difference between losing a customer during the wait to a competitor.

The customer support experience has been of no help to the issues that I personally reported, and, instead, have auto-responded generically to my tickets claiming that the response is a resolution to the ticket when it is obvious to any who actually read it that the issue was not even reviewed. This attitude impersonalizes the experience for the customer.

Although I understand that man-power is an issue with software companies, the blanket siphoning of tickets through an initial automated response system without addressing the actual concerns of the ticket would work if the feedback system actually worked. If it wasn't putting onus of resolution on the customer through an "are you sure" communication via a support website system that I have never been able to get to work for me regardless of browser, computer, url location, etc., I would be more accepting of delays or lack of resolution (within reason, of course).

However, since I am not able to get any productive feedback on any of the issues that concern me with my gaming experience, I have to come to the conclusion that the support team is not entirely interested in hearing my input, or considers it to be an annoyance.

Therefore, I am going through the ticket system (as directed on the site) to request a refund of the payment I made in order to purchase the Legacy Pack. Note that I purchased it but did not yet claim it through the Store. I could have only pursued a refund without posting here, yet I wanted a record of my action to be recorded for posterity, as well as showing the community the reasoning for my decision.

This may not be the choice for other players and perhaps others may not be facing the same issues that I am. However, considering that I am a university student, any money spent is something that I have to carefully consider. Prior to the new LoR season, I carefully considered the decision to spend my limited funds on the Legacy Pack, and I did not have the concerns that caused me to currently reconsider my purchase.

I still intend to be Free-to-Play member of the community, and thoroughly enjoy what Cryptic has produced as far as content and gameplay. So, Cryptic has not fully list a regular player. The company has really done very well in making this immersive experience a memorable one, else I would not even be playing. However, I am weighing the pros and cons here, and while I would definitely enjoy the use of the purchase materials of the game, I can't justify purchasing them when my gaming experience (as well as pocketbook) is diminished more times than I am economically comfortable with.
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06-27-2013, 10:11 AM
you have given the same reasons why ive not gone lifer or gold just buy wot you will use and keep being a pest to the blackhole that is GM. i report things on the forums now at lest i might get help off a player.
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