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Originally Posted by misterde3 View Post
Is someone weird or abnormal because he prefers ketchup on his fries instead of mayo?
Yes, but I think here the question should read "Is someone weird or abnormal because he prefers ketchup or mayo on gagh rather than on fries?"
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Originally Posted by jestersage View Post
Within the last month, I found myself playing a lot more on KDF over my Fed (which essentially become my alt) - and I am wondering why that's the case.

What I like about Fed:
-customization options on characters and ships
-More selection of ships should I choose to buy
-familiar ships

What I like about KDF:
-Better carrier play - I always been playing Pet Master / mobile nukes, be it STO, CO, or any other games that give me options for usign pets. Also allow me to have carrier for free.
-Better DoFF assignments, especially Marauding
-Better fleet - the Fed Fleet I joined seems to grow stale even though it suppose to be a division of a bigger fleet, not to mention not letting me use the fleet bank. The KDF fleet I join is growing, even if slowly, and let me use fleet banks.

So what I want to know is: am I abnormal, or is KDF actually better than Fed? I am trying to find a reason to make a Fed-Rom, but it seems KDF-Rom will be better...
No, I do not think it wierd at all.
Leonard Nimoy, Spock.....


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