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# 1 New Borg Set for New Items
06-12-2013, 11:03 PM
With the new warp cores added to Star Trek Online, Cryptic has stated that warp cores will not be added to any existing sets. Instead, I would like them to add them to new sets, which synergize with existing ones. Here are some potential set pieces with stat bonus types and abilities, based on feedback and player study, for Cryptic's consideration as a new set.

Adapted Borg Matter-Antimatter Warp Core
  • Efficient
  • +Aux power and cap
  • Aux to Weapons
  • Warp Speed Bonus
  • -Slipstream/Transwarp Cooldown
  • Weapons Capacitor
Adapted Borg Singularity Warp Core
  • Efficient
  • +Aux based on singularity charge
  • +Singularity Charge Rate
  • Warp Speed Bonus
  • -Slipstream/Transwarp Cooldown
  • Weapons Capacitor
Adapted Borg Targeting Sensors - Science-Tactical Universal Console
  • +Starship Sensors
  • +Starship Targeting Systems
  • +Starship Attack Patterns
  • +Starship Particle Generators
  • Starship Visual Modification (Assimilated Carrier)
Adapted Borg Hull Reinforcements - Armor Console
  • +Res All Energy Damage
  • +Res Kinetic Damage
  • +Starship Hull Repair
  • +Structural Integrity
  • Starship Visual Modification (Assimilated Scimitar)

Two of the pieces of this set - the matter-antimatter and singularity warp cores - are mutually exclusive, and so the set would only require one of the two to be equipped to any given starship to unlock the second set bonus. All pieces of this set can also be made to come in Mk X to Mk XII versions, like the other Reputation sets.

It would be entirely up to Cryptic how to balance and distribute stats to these items, should they choose to implement them.

I hereby forfeit all rights to these item concepts to Cryptic, should they choose to use them.

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# 2
06-22-2013, 09:08 PM
These are merely suggestions. However, I still wish to see Cryptic add some new all-ship Borg items including a Warp Core, as well as two which add the appearance modifiers from the space bosses from "The Cure" and "Khitomer Accord". These appearance mods are still the only ones not available for use on player starships.

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