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05-21-2013, 08:48 PM
Originally Posted by azurianstar View Post
In hindsight, no it's not.

But there are players who really don't have the time to play everyday. Or players who have multiple characters they have to work, which consumes all their free time grinding, instead of playing for fun.
With costs of romulan rep gear and most likely tholian rep the returns of marks on missions being so low and the pricing with dilithium tags as well as similar requirements of stf/omega gear they really need to do one of two things.

Either raise the amount of marks per mission or reduce costs in the rep store vendors. You have to deal with that issue plus deal with people who are afking making it that much more grindy instead of playing for fun.
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05-21-2013, 08:53 PM
Originally Posted by drlirio View Post
Well, it seems that what's fun for you is incredibly boring and repetitive for most os us. I personally think that spending two hours daily for months doing stuff i don't like to do to keep up the progression of the characters before i can actually play some fun content is absurd. If you also take into consideration that most paying players have jobs and they don't play two hours daily then you'll see why we want account wide rep. Not the unlocks, but the tiers, so we are not forced to repeat what we consider boring grind content.

You just said it, nobody likes it.

I kind of understand your view, but i can't agree with you, and you'll have to admit your position sounds a little selfish when everybody is asking for the account based rep. And be serious... 13 chars, you now have to do nukara rep on 13 chars... are you really going to have fun or will it be tedious and repetitive?. If it's for the challenge... well, you can make it optional, like playing on elite, advanced or normal difficulty, let the player choose if he/she wants account based rep, and everybody happy :-)

Here is the funny part all this talk on the forum wont even make a difference. There has always been grinding in MMO's. Let us not forget EQ, ultima, and the list goes on. They went and removed the gear grind from the pre-season 7. And gave the people what they wanted, an easier way to get a gear set. and yes you know what it is easier. All you have to do is the projects and you can have a gear set in about a week an a half. Which if you believe the forums is alot faster than some people. Some reported as saying they did tones of ESTF's and never finished their space/ground gear sets.

Honestly, I kept posting in this thread because its a classic case of,

Game devs, "Here we made it easier for you!"

Players, "OH NO!!! there is to much grinding and repetitiveness!"

Game devs, "But we made it so you didnt have to grind the same instance/raid or what ever we call it!"

Players, "It could have been so much better and easier!"

the reality, of it. Repetitive grinding is progression. if you dont like it, blame the grandfather MMO's.

In case the wall of text was to long and some say TLDR to this entire thread.

There prolly wont be an account wide rep system. And knowing how PWE likes the money, it'd prolly be a lifer perk. Because there are people who would pay it out just for that perk.
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05-21-2013, 09:09 PM
Would be nice if the special equipment and weapons were account unlocks while all you had to do on each character was tier up. Characters wouldn't get access to the special gear until they reached the required tier.
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05-21-2013, 10:59 PM
Leave it as it is. The Omega rep is too easy, it only requires 1 stf a day to level it up and maybe a day of marks gathering to gain a MK XII rep item. Hell, if you're smart, you do 2 or 3 STFs and you'll have plenty of marks by the time you hit tier 5.

For Romulan marks, you need all of 5 mins a day. You get 400 romulan marks every 5 days (unless you crit on research). So by the time you reach tier 5, you should have gained 2800 marks minus the marks you need for rep projects.
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05-21-2013, 11:36 PM
+1 for account rep. The tedium is unreal grinding marks. Bad enough we have to grind stuff for fleet projects but 3 rep projects per toon and an upcoming event rep as well? It's not like the different toons are different people, I maxed the reps, I should be able to see the fruits of that grind across my account. Even if it was faction specific binding, and even if it was just tier & shop unlocks and i still had to earn requisitions per toon it'd be an improvement.

As other have said, if you are that hot on grinding, or just don't mind it, theres nothing stopping you grinding away if you want. All you need to do is T5 your fleet then form another fleet for an endless grind.

Personally I'd like to see all character binds changed to account binds as well, but thats another story
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05-21-2013, 11:54 PM
I think, looking at the Nukara reputation, that I'm finally ready to call it quits on "Grind Trek". To put it shortly, the reputation system in its current form is an insult. It's an alright concept, but it's just... poorly done.

I have five characters I maintain. Two science ground characters for PvP (1 Fed, 1 KDF), one science space character, one ground tactical character and one space tactical character. All I do in this game is PvP. PvE does not provide an adequate challenge even on the highest difficulty settings, so I just bulldoze through it so I can get my reputation stuff.

The reputation perks? Absolutely *required* to participate in PvP, both space and ground. The passives are far too good to pass up. For ground PvP, at the bare minimum you'll need at least one piece of mk XI gear (the omega shield) if you want to survive. For space, you'll likely be using the standard borg engines/deflector/elite fleet shields setup.

When I'm looking at making a new character, it's about three weeks of insane, monotonous grinding before my character has the essentials to participate in PvP without dragging my team down.

It was difficult enough to bother myself with the Romulan reputation, as it has the most awful methods of acquiring marks: tag puppies and wait a week before you get anything worth it, or slog through monotonous, time consuming missions that offer little in return. At least STFs go by quickly.

And now I'm looking at the Nukara Strikeforce reputation and I'm just thinking to myself. What's the point? What is the god damn point? Missions give us even less marks than their Romulan equivalents. And the missions are actually more boring than their Romulan equivalents. Worst off, a sweeping majority of them are old content we've already done.

I was going into this expansion with high optimism until I realised I'd be stuck with the monotonous task of grinding an entirely new reputation on FIVE characters, as well as finishing off what I haven't finished by now, to keep them functioning to their fullest potential. I can't say I have the time for that anymore, nor the heart.

If this were all account bound, or there were some boost on alts for reputations you've already completed, I would stick around for it. But until then, my captains are retired. Between a hideously broken and bugged game, boring PvE and now another reputation to throw salt on the wounds, I can't take it. :|
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05-22-2013, 09:03 AM
Please cryptic make account reputation or larger projects (for example 10days but without dilithium....). Filling reputation projects on five characters are very boring...I want play STO not GTO(grind).
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05-22-2013, 09:15 AM
imo they should do an account bound system. but you would have to unlock everything.
for example, if you have tier 5 in something, then you would have to run the unlock project for each tear (but not the xp collecting part), and you would have to unlock every equipment. the major problem with those unlocks, are the timegates you have to experience all the time (I totally understand the concept, but when that system basically stops players from playing other characters, it should be an issue for cryptic)
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05-22-2013, 10:09 AM
Originally Posted by majesticmsfc View Post
Id much rather see the level grind account bound and you need to on each character unlock the store and items. Even having it faction based for the leveling would be better than what it is now. So you only need to grind three times, 1 Fed, 1 KDF and 1 Romulan. Better than running 9 characters through.

Most of us made these characters before this excessive grind came in and it's pretty unfair for us when we're expected to either delete characters we've put a lot of work into or to grind each character up.
I agree with this:

The level grind should be account wide unlock, but the items and everything have to be paid for per character.

It should also only become account wide once it hits T5, therefore you have to level each rep with one character when you are first at it.
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05-22-2013, 11:25 AM
Originally Posted by twoblindmonks View Post
I agree with this:

The level grind should be account wide unlock, but the items and everything have to be paid for per character.

It should also only become account wide once it hits T5, therefore you have to level each rep with one character when you are first at it.
Agreed. I really can't take this grind anymore. At their foundation, MMOs are not about grind or character progression. They are about being someone else, somewhere else, on a massive scale with other people. Character development does not equal character progression. The former is achieved through just playing the game and developing an identity, not chasing the carrot.

I can't wait for grind to be phased out of MMOs until we only have the meaty goodness of what a MMO is really about... the feelings you had in Pre-CU SWG. Until such an innovation is in place however.. account wide reputation would be a nice quality of life feature to make players not want to quit playing the game.

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