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# 1 Just a few random ideas...
05-16-2013, 06:23 PM
While playing, I thought of a few things that might make a little sense.
1. A Lobi lockbox. I can already hear a few groans, but hear me out. I thought of this while browsing the Lobi store, with my single crystal I got from Grym's mission. The Lobi lockbox could contain anywhere from 50-100 crystals, and a random anything from the Lobi store. Ships being the least likely (sadly it must be, otherwise this might not even be considered by any of the devs), apparel being fairly uncommon, weapons being semi common, consumables not included in the box (just buy them with your 50 crystals and stop complaining), and pets... I have yet to think of how to handle the pets.
2. Selling the Liberated Borg implants. Some people might love this idea, but I'm guessing every single lifetime subscriber will want my head for "Devaluing their lifetime subs," Sorry if it does, but hey, it's just an idea. Anywho, selling the implants on the C-Store for the standard 550 Zen might make sense, or perhaps in the Lobi store for around... More than the earrings, but hopefully less than the Wells/Korath uniform pack. The implants then being available for every character on an account of (Hopefully) nearly every species.
3. Making the other faction's beam out animations available. Again, some people will love this idea, but others will either think I'm an idiot, or... Worse, to say the least. Anyway, what I mean by this is that the KDF wrist-mounted transporter trigger thing animation (NOT the red particle effect though) could be used by Fed characters, and the Fed chest-mounted trigger thing (Not the blue particle effect though) could be used by KDF. As for the Romulans, I can't remember what they have, but you probably understand where this goes.

That's all I got, but tell me your ideas, or which one of my ideas you like the best, thanks for reading!
P.S. I apologize if this is the wrong forum to post to, or if this thread was already posted by someone else.
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05-17-2013, 09:53 PM
we dont need more lock boxes,

infact we should have two and thats it

One normal for master keys
and one for things in the game that are not as good (like random loot).

Thats it. Doing it this way vastly cleans up the whole spam idea, and improves
odds to get fun things like ships etc.

Most important thing now is open conquest / World pvp between races.
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05-19-2013, 04:53 PM
I see your point, and it's a very good point, but it's just a random idea, as the title says. But at the very least, all you did was state your opinion of an idea, instead of ridicule me for something I thought of. Thank you for not being a troll.

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