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05-20-2013, 05:09 AM
personally i play(ed) LOTRO, DDO, SWTOR adn STO with, and without their f2p model

and STO is in my opinion the best, by far actually.
here is why: Lotro and DDO are good f2p models too, but all content past lvl 40 is to pay, period. You can grind some of the currency, but the cap is around 2800 with free charslots you get...and you have to do all the deads possible.
DDO is kind of better if you know somebody who can buy you the content, or you grind up too to buy some content.

SWTOR is the worst of all f2p models so far, but it offers a really nice level 1-50 experiance, maybe the best of all of those mmos
too many limitations though for f2p users...and even for "once paying" players

STO's content is free to everybody, anything you see in the market is within your reach without opening the pocket.
You do not feel that you miss something on your silver account, yet upgrading to gold, really feels like upgrading.
the only negative thing is the lockbox lottery...each time i open one, i feel like i lost something, especially before lobi was introduced. There is still not enough lobi in a box to convince me to invest my zen into those.
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05-20-2013, 05:12 AM
The biggest issue is, the stuff you "really really" want, the game almost forces you to buy off the Zen store.
What?! Sheesh! Thanks, Obama!
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05-20-2013, 05:17 AM
Originally Posted by nafeasonto1 View Post
I have been playing for nearly 3 weeks again, (I quit OVER a year ago) and noticed something and now it's starting to annoy me.

The biggest issue is, the stuff you "really really" want, the game almost forces you to buy off the Zen store.

Dilthium is the most valued commodity in the game and you are only allowed to refine 8K a day. You get ore which is useless until refined, hence the 24hr restriction to refine. DIL is used to buy nearly everything. If you want to get more then a days worth you would have to buy Zen with real money then convert the Zen to fake (DIL) money. (Hence the nearly FORCED having to buy Zen to get DIL.)

Some ships costs ZEN AND DIL. This makes no sense because now you are paying almost double to get something.

Lock boxes are dropped which need "master keys" which of course you have to buy on the Zen store, which costs real money. Or buy it off the exchange for about 1.7Mil EC a piece. This is obvious the biggest money maker in the game, and probably the biggest rip off due to the fact most of the time you get CRAP or you buy 10 keys at a time which cost 1200 ZEN which is ridiculous.

If you can deal with the insane prices for items and ships for the game, go ahead and play. If you can't afford to pay out the bucks don't bother to play. In all honesty. There is also no real advantage to subscribing. Why not even give people a discount off the store so now you are paying 15 dollars a month plus ZEN ? That is INSANE. Getting 500 ZEN a month is not worth it, as you would get that ANYWAY if you played the game for free.

When you join a FLEET you can get FLEET ships, but the only way to get THOSE is a FLEET MODULE. WHICH AGAIN OF COURSE you have to buy off then Zen store. (THAT IS A FORCED BUY. Don't tell me IT ISN'T).

They are 500 ZEN A PIECE. (That is INSANE). some ships need FIVE Modules. You can buy the equivalent refit ship on the ZEN STORE, to make it cost ONE fleet module but again it's half a dozen one way or the other, there is no difference. You end up paying the same thing.

So not only do you have to work your butt off in the game, you have to work your real job very hard and earn real money to play a game to earn fake stuff. It's become a very lucrative business this game and makes me more and more angry the more I find out how they nickel and dime you, and they set it up PERFECTLY.

This game is loaded with content now, but the way it's nickel and dimming you is insanity. It makes me angry I am having a lot of fun, but I become more angry as I find out what needs to be done just to earn things in the game.

Don't tell me it's the same thing if you paid 15.00 a month back in the day. You can spend well over $100.00 in this game in a DAY, then you did in a YEAR with other sub games. Still earn the same stuff.

How can NO ONE else be annoyed by this?
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05-20-2013, 05:20 AM
myself i think they have got the free to play balance just right, if anything i would say that stol is more biased towards free players than it is to gold members, i have been playing just over a year now and i have most of the stuff from the c-store that i want and i have never spent one penny on any of it.
sure i had to play long and hard to get the things i wanted but it was great fun in the process and much more rewarding when i was able to get the gear i was after.
the few small benifits you gain from being gold are not that special to me and i can happily live without them.
i may one day pay for life membership as i think this is the best value for gold status but its not that high an issue at the moment and i am quite happy to remain ftp.
even with the game as it is now i think its pritty awsome, now with the new content that comes with lor (and ive played the tribble closed and open beta so i know what im talking about) this is by far the best mmorpg you will see for a long time to come.
i tip my hat to all the people at perfect world and cryptic and i say a jolly big thank you one and all.

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05-20-2013, 05:41 AM
so you did not play for a year
and now u mad bro because the rewards for playing are out of instant-gratification-reach for you at the moment.

Yes you have the option to pay money to buy stuff.
Nobody forces you to pay, sure Cryptic wants you to pay them, that is why all the shiny stuff has the OPTION... they have to make money somehow after all (and imho they deserve money, but really not as much as they are asking for *points at Legacy Pack* ).

BUT you also have the option to see it as a personal GOAL.

I want Ship / Item X, now i PLAY to get it.
-> once you have it without paying $ you can be PROUD of your achievement.

The 8000 limit is per character,
if 8000 is not enough for you / if the dil ORE keeps piling up faster than you can refine it,
make more Characters!!!!
Once you hit your 8000 you swap to the next character and keep playing that one.

I got 10 Characters so i can in theory refine 80.000 a day (at the current exchange rate that is easy 500 Zen per day!)... and this has been known to happen more often than one would expect.
So these super expensive 5000 Zen Ship 3 Packs -> i can do that in 10 days if i really want.

Usually i do maybe 2000 - 4000 per character, but even with 2000 that is still 20.000 dil per day for the minimum amount of effort ( = 4600 Zen a month ) in the daily grind, and THAT is already enough to pay for everything in the c-store that is released this month... and it takes less than an hour, any natural playtime on top of that is Bonus Zen.

While you were AFK, i have spend every day in the last year doing my daily Dilithium Grind... gaming the exchange and on occasion just played for fun.

by now i have EVERYTHING in the C-Store (spare some items i REALLY do NOT need or want) and i am sitting at the moment on 34000 Zen because the C-Store asks for less money than i can actually earn in-game... and i'm not a LockBox addict, so that helps to keep my Zen on the account.

That is even enough Zen to get everything in the Legacy Pack instantly once it's available on the C-Store without paying a single $ and still having enough for the next 2 - 3 months of regular C-Store releases.
In that time i will make the next bunch of Zen and stay ahead of the curve again.

You of course need to not only get the new stuff, but also all the old stuff, so that requires extra effort because you were lazy that last year ;P

Is the game nickle and diming us on every corner, yes, if you are on the paying end of the game economy and want to see it like that.

But you also can see it like if the game is giving you a reason to play!

@ LockBoxes:

Don't bother opening them unless you really want the LOBI for the Lobi Store.
The chances of getting anything decent are so low and random it is pure gambling.
Not worth it.

Best approach is to get lots of Energy Credits (you have to game the exchange or find a Item that you can produce and sells well that gets you lots of EC) because MOST of the stuff in the Lobi Store and inside the Lockboxes is tradable on the Exchange.

A LockBox usually will stay around for 3 Months.
Making 100+ Million EC In 3 Months is absolutely doable if you put a bit of effort into it and that is enough to get any current LockBox Ship. (spare the crazy expensive Jem'Hadar Attack Ship).

I got everything from every Lockbox that i wanted, i skipped 2 LockBoxes entirely because i just didn't care for the Tholian and Temporal Ships and i always end up having more EC than i need before the next LockBox arrives.
Even with more than just one Ship in a LockBox now i can still manage to get them all.

If i can get everything, then you can get at least a few things that you really want.

oh and if you think 34k Zen is crazy much... i know a guy who is sitting on 100k + Zen
i am actually only producing what i can use, that dude just wants to be filthy rich for the sake of being filthy rich.

And if there are any concerns that this type of playing does not support Cryptic...
think again!
That dude is sitting on $1000 of in-game money that no one else will be able to consume.
It doesn't matter if he spends it on C-Store items or blows it all on LockBoxes or just sits on it forever. Cryptic already has the RL money and he took the Zen out of the hands of other Players, so in effect he is useful to the economy and Cryptics outcome.

And just FYI: i've spend about $800 - $1000 on STO before it went F2P, so i REALLY do NOT feel bad about playing 100% free now.
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05-20-2013, 05:45 AM
Oh grow up, nothing is free in this world everything has a cost for someone. This game is free to play because a few people pay. I am a Lifetime Sub not just for the perks but because I want this game to be around for me to play for however long I have left on this earth. I'm not just a STO Vet I'm a disabled American Vet. I depend on this game to keep my mind active and I don't mind spending my bread money if it means the game will continue to be here. Do you think LOR just appeared out of thin air? The DEVS and their teams are paid by those of us who subscribe and buy zen. F2P is not a right it is a privilege EC may take some work to get but it is still free and you can buy anything you need to play with it without it costing you anything but time.
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05-20-2013, 05:52 AM
Your thread is bad!..and you should feel bad!
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05-20-2013, 05:59 AM
As far as cost goes this game is a blessing compaired to others. Battlestar Galatica online you have to grind for aprox a year (and thats a conservative estimate) to get 1 ship to max level, And if you buy Zen to get your ship to max level it cost more that $2000, and that is just for 1 ship. There are some players on that game that have spent over 20k to level up all thier gear and ships and to buy the best ammo. And that is not an exaggeration. If you think PWE is greedy they are saints compaired to Bigpoint games. If you spent $300 on this game you could get a Bug ship with all purple consoles and XII purple weapons and a set of 5 purple Doffs. $300 on BSGO and you could just buy one advanced ship and perhaps level up 1 or 2 guns to level 10 (max is 15) most ships have at least 8 guns. My point is STO players have it good compaired to other online games and people that complain about the cost have no idea how bad other games are and how good we have it.
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05-20-2013, 06:17 AM
I'll agree that the way things are set up in STO absolutely sucks for people like you OP, and me as well, who don't have the patience to slowly work towards it through dili.

But, the point stands that everything on the Zen store, you simply don't need to be of use, not to mention you can, with a lot of patience, get most of what's on the Zen store for free by farming dili.

I often find myself buying Zen to get dili because I can't be arsed to play STFs nonstop for several days to get enough dili for something that used to cost only EDCs or specific salvage.

Truly, the way the STF repu pretty much screws STFers over is the only thing that annoys me, since you have to make like three times the effort to get the same things you could get before, first you have to reach the tier required, then you have to unlock something and THEN you have to get the dili to actually buy it.
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05-20-2013, 06:56 AM
Originally Posted by aarons9 View Post
this game is actually the best F2P game there is..

nobody is forcing you to pay any real money to play.. everything can be obtained for free if you work for it.

think you are suffering from the need it now syndrome.
Yep. The OP's post is nothing more than a long winded hissy fit because he can't get instant gratification. He doesn't have to spend a dime on anything in the game, but he can't have his dessert until he eats everything on his dinner plate first.

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