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# 1 Dossier: T'ylia
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Height: 1.33m
Weight: 35 Kg
Age: Unknown
Race: Void Walker
Place of Origin: Dorian Singularity Reseach Centre, Andromida Galaxy, 254.31, 72.62, 18.28
Eyes: Lavender
Hair: Platinum Blonde
Gender: Female-A
Distinguishing Marks: Mottling around eyes, ridged nose, pointed ears
Skin Color: Greyish Blue

"Rescued" from deep space by Federation ship conducting research near The Galactic Barrier, T'ylia was both amused and relieved to be greeted by "friendly giants" - the crew of the USS Archimeds. When initially detected, her life signs registered as "faint", though this was not due to her being in any particular danger, but rather a simple factor of her biology.
Like the rest of her people, she is able to move freely in the vaccuum of space without the need of a pressure suit.

She had been on an extended mission of her own, conducting research on a spatial displacement device designed to create small, interfolded regions of space, much like a "pocket realm". She had successfully formed just such a "pocket realm", when a power surge in the device caused the "pocket realm" to twist further upon itself, and displace itself along a subspacial current. When the "pocket realm" was stablized and the device deactivated, T'ylia found herself adrift in unfamiliar space, more than two and half million light years from home.

The experimental spatial displacement device had lost all power, and T'ylia found herself stranded, alone, and very far from home. Dispare, however, is not in her peoples' nature, and she began a trek of her own, through the void of space, towards home. According to her estimates, her trek would take more than 562 trillion years to void-walk home. She was bemused by this, thinking to herself, that she would be the oldest of all her people by the time she returned.

But her bemusement was short lived, as less than a day later she found her molecules disassembling unexpectedly, and when her molecular cohesion had been restored, she found herself on the transporter pad of the USS Archimedes, a Federation Deep Space Research vessel, conducting a study of The Galatic Barrier.

Like the rest of her people, T'ylia possessed a high degree of telepathic ability, quickly overcoming the limitations of Star Fleet's Universal Trasnlators. Her native "language" is more a mixture of empathic projection and multi-tonal harmonics, far too complex for Universal Translators to decipher. However, it did not take her long to learn the common dialog of her "rescuers", though she largely preferred to communicate telepathically whenever possible.

She learned quickly about Star Fleet, the United Federation of Planets, and their mission of exploration. She also learned of the other factions of the Milky Way, the galaxy known to her a L1F4GZ. With no realistic way return home, no means of contacting her people, and nowhere else to go, she agreed to return to Earth with the crew of the USS Achimedes at the conclusion of their mission.

Her understanding of the sciences enabled her to make a number of recommendations and modifications to the ship's sensor arrays, allowing the Archimedes to complete its mission in only half the time originally alloted. Once far enough from The Galactic Barrier for communications to be opened to Star Fleet Command, T'ylia found herself to be the center of attention.

Star Fleet, always eager to meet new races, welcomed the opportunity to meet a being from so far away, and one far less hostile than the only other race from the Andromida Galaxy they knew - the Kelvins.

T'ylia was also familiar with these beings, self-proclaimed monarchs, sustained largely by stolen technologies, scavenged materials, and pushed nearly entirely into one of her home galaxy's most remote sectors by radient weapons her people had developed some thousand years ago.

Star Fleet was eager to learn more about her people and their technologies, though T'ylia was bound by the rules of her own people as well - one, much like The Federation's own Prime Directive, which prohibited her from giving technologies beyond the level of development of those she encountered.

This did not, however, prohibit her from assisting them from developing their own, exsiting technologies, and she quickly found herself consulting on many, many projects. Having emersed herself so deeply in an alien culture, made up of so many other alien cultures, T'ylia opted to embrace The Federation fully, and joined Star Fleet.

She excelled at Star Fleet Academy, commenting on occassion that it reminded her very much of her "early school years, only with fewer holidays and shorter hours." With her background, she was able to accellerate her studies, graduating early, and rising quickly through the ranks of Star Fleet.

One lesson she had learned very early on would always haunt her though. An accident aboard the USS Archimedes, not long after her rescue, involving a young Ensign who was drawn to her otherworldly beauty, and the pheremones she gave off in response to situations.

She had been invited to the Captain's Mess to share a meal and swap stories. During dinner she also discovered a local beverage, known as tranya, and found it reminded her of a beverage from her home. Having become slightly intoxicated, she failed to notice her pheremone levels had risen to a point that they were beginning to have an effect on those around her, and members of the crew, both male and female, began vying for her attentions.

Some of her new crewmates were more strongly affected than others, and it did not take long for tempers to become heated, and a fight broke out in the dining hall. Still trying to conduct herself in the most diplomatic manner, she intervened, attempting to separate the Ensign with whom she came to dinner with from another officer, with whom he was wrestling.

As her people had learned to colonize singularities, her physical strength was vastly greater than those of her crewmates, and without even realizing it, she had crushed the bones in the other officer's shoulder and upper arm, and torn the Ensign's arm completely from his body.

Fortunate for both, the ship's chief medical officer was also in attendance, and was able to treat both crewmates, but the events of the evening lingered with her, and she was constantly reminding herself of how fragile the "giants" around her really were.

At the Acdemy she drew a great deal of attention from her classmates, though the events of that evening still weighed on her, making her very cautious of those she was around, and it lead some to suspect her of being a little cold and distant.

But this was far from the truth - like most of her people, she was innately jovial, and boarderline promiscuious, as her people considered intimate contact the height of friendly bonding. And as her people were tri-gendered, and genetically incompatible with the races she'd met, intimacy was merely an expression of affection, with no risk for her.

But constantly reminded of how much stronger she was from those around her, even in the smallest of ways - moving cargo crates that would requre the use of mag-lev lifts, or even things as simple as moving furniture that most would require at least someone else to help move, she restrained herself, whenever possible, to avoid injuring anyone else.

Despite her restraint, she still found she had gained much from the Academy, meeting countless, facsinating races, learning the history and culture of dozens of worlds, and consulting on countless projects at various levels of Starfleet.

And Starfleet learned quite a great deal from her as well. Her unique physiology, as a member of a tri-gendered race, was both fascinating, and would, in time, lead to some interesting breakthroughs in treating a number of illnesses. Being what is known to her people as an Alpha Female, her role in mating is to implant an ovum into a Beta Female, as well as activate the reproductive fluids of the male of her species so the ovum implanted in the Beta Female can be fertilized. Externally, Alpha and Beta females appear nearly identical, and both nurse their offsping. The major difference between the Alpha and Beta females are the presence of a uterus-like structure in the Beta Female, and the absence of "ca'htiml", a small organ made of highly sensitive tendrils that implant the ovum in the Beta female. It will come to pass that, in time, Starfleet Medical will discover a means to synthesize a treatment for several genetic ailments from research conducted on the hormones produced by the "ca'htiml".
The other notable difference is that Beta Females produce higher levels of pheremones than Alpha Females, though their telepathic abilities are not quite as highly developed.

Another breakthrough that will come to be discovered by Starfleet Medical, lies in one of the compounds in T'ylia's circulatory system. She is neither exothermic nor endothermic, and does not have blood in the same sense as many other species. Her circulatory system consists of three fluids, one that carries nutients and and chemicals throughout her body, one that carries atmosphereic gasses to suppliment both her nutient system and absorb other trace materials, and one that carries hormones and pheremones, as well as interchanges with the gasious and particulates that enables her to exist in the vaccuum of space without a pressure suit.

While her normal body temperature is close to "room temperature", and her fluidic systems are capable of regulating extremes in temperature, one of the circulating compounds in her systems will lead to the discovery of another synthetic compound that can be used to treat decompression sickness as well as a treatment for extended suspension sickness.

Starfleet Medical has been unable to determine T'ylia's actual age, though her physical appearence is similar to that of a human woman in her late 20's. T'ylia has commented that time is quite different in this galaxy, and there is no adequte basis for comparison, though she has estimated that, around the time she was born, the people of Earth were just learning to build spacecraft.

In her own terms, she is 22 G'ntyrx, "a bit young for my position as a researcher, but I've always been rather clever." She has also indicated that some of the eldest of her people are well over 300 G'ntyrx, but again, no real basis for comparison has been determined. The difficulty in making a determination lies with the one aspect of her people most fascinating to Starfleet - the fact that her people colonize on singularities. The temporal distortions recorded by the best of Starfleet's probes studying singularities suggest that, on the surface of a singularity, time would break down to the point of becoming non-linear. It is theorized that 22 G'ntyrx might be similar to 22 Earth years, but with a quantum shift of several magnitues, thus making her over 450 Earth Years in age - coinciding with her claims that the people of Earth were just beginning to build spacecraft when she was born, if she means Earth's first spacecraft, Sputnik, or perhaps closer to 350 years, if she's referring to Zefram Cochrane's Phoenix - she has never been particularly clear on this point, as she often changes the subject, frequently mentioning that her people have never relied on vessels to carry them through space.

Starfleet's Temporal Division has taken note of her as well, due to the fact that she does exhibit some degree of chroniton irregularities, quite possibly due to her claims that her people inhabit singularities, though many doubts remain, as the concept still lies beyond Starfleet's technical understanding, and T'ylia's assertion that she must comply with her peoples' Principle Orders, which include not desseminating technologies beyond the level of development of those cultures with which she comes in contact. As there are similarities between these Principle Orders and Starfleet's own Prime Directive and the Temporal Prime Directive, the matter is, for the most part, considered off-limits. She has suggested, however, that anti-gravity technology, such as that used by mag-levs as well as many of the priciples of deflector and shield technologies are key in understanding how her people are able to exist in a place as inhospitable as a singularity.

Of course, life inside a singularity is also not beyond the realm of conceivable either, as Captain Picard and the crew of the USS Enterprise once encountered a trans-dimensional race of beings that were trying to recover an egg of their species, that appeared to be the singularity core of a Romulan ship.

In discussions with various Starfleet teams, T'ylia has indicated that "these Romulans are really on to something" when discussing their use of micro-singularites as power sources for their ships, though again, she remains particularly vague about details, due to her adhearance to her Principle Orders. She has, however, indicated that the power than can be harnessed from a singularity is far, far greater than even the Romulans have began to tap into, and suggested more joint research be engaged in by both peoples.

Star Fleet's Temporal Division continues to urge caution, and often attends many of these discussions, as their foreknowledge suggests they know more about what is being discussed than they lead on, or that T'ylia's advanced technologies might pose a threat to the current timeline - or perhaps a bit of both, though both they and she, remain tight-lipped on the matter.

In more highly classified discussions with Starfleet Temporal Sciences, T'ylia remains perhaps even more tight-lipped, as the Temporal Division already knows about some of the technologies she has hinted at, such Dark Matter/Dark Antimatter reactors, Singularity Infused Reactors and Temporal Drives. What remains unclear is wether or not these technologies will be developed as a result of these discussions or in spite of these discussions. What is known, for sure, is that these technologies will be developed at some point.

One other area of interest for Star Fleet lies in probing T'ylia for her knowledge of the Q-beings. While she has reviewed Star Fleet's material regarding their encounters with these beings, she has not revealed if these being are known to her people. She has suggested that her people have had contact with a number of beings possessing highly unusual abilities to manipulate matter, enegy, space and time, but has stated that "none of them have ever behaved quite like this." She suspects the Q-beings to be unique to this galaxy, but has expressed a desire to meet one and learn more about them, so as to better be able to answer questions regarding them.

T'ylia remains in service to Starfleet, presently holding the rank of Fleet Admiral. She continues to consult with Starfleet research, as well as taking on some of the most challenging missions Star Fleet faces.

The last remaining matter is the proper pronunciaton of her name.
While she has stated it, no being has been able to accurately reproduce the sound, and computer recordings distort it.

She answers to "Tie-lee-ah", the most common pronunciation, but also to "Tee-ah-lee-ah", which sounds closer to the sound she makes pronouncing her name, which sounds closer to a D-minor seventh played on a glass armonica, and a soft sigh of relief.

What also remains largely speculation is wether or not she actually speaks the majority of the time. The nearly musical quality of her actual spoke voice has been described as "enchanting", even by astute Vulcan masters, so it is largely speculated she communicates telepathically, while "lip synching" to give the illusion of speech.

It is well known to her crew that she is a strong telepath, and she has made it quite clear that telepathy is her preferred method of communication, even with non-telepathic races, as she finds it faster, easier and more concise than "fumbling for a communicator, addressing a shipboard computer, or trying to hold a button designed for a finger as big as your hand, while trying to give life-of-death orders to someone on the other end of your ship."

It has also recently come to light that she can also communicate with the standard starship computer either through telepathy or telekinesis, or some combination of the two. The extent of her telekinetic abilities remains untested, though she has been known to pour wine, operate consoles, and even engage in melee combat telekinetically. There is a rumor that she once won a Bat'leth tournament with a telekinetically-weilded bat'leth. While this remains rumor, it seems fitting of her character - whimsical, almost mischevious, yet serious and resolute.

She has been decorated many times by Starfleet for Valor and Courage, and has only a single reprimand in her record, for a prank played in her first year at Starfleet Academy. The exact nature of this incident has been ordered Sealed by the Office of Starfleet Judge Advocate General, though rumor and speculation suggest it involved a cadet, suspended upside down, held telekinetically, and paraded around Academy grounds wearing only skivvies - appearently caught attempting to peek into the windows of the female dorms.

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