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My game froze right after pressing the button to beam down to Starfleet Academy (from Sol System space). My gameclient.exe wouldn't even shut down after manually closing the process from the task manager. So I restarted my computer, relaunched the game, and - as expected - now my character can't do anything. Stuck in the loading screen of Starfleet Academy, in between of nowhere (45-something). I had the same issue once in Sol System space and Earth Spacedock in previous years. The only solution was to kill off the toon and start a new one.

However, with this one, I really don't wanna do it again. My last toon had a Jham'Hadar attack ship and it hurt me enuff. The one before was my first ever created toon. Now I just made VA with this one and bought fleet gear worth 200K credits and I have stored 500K refined Dilithium on that toon. If I can't save this toon, I will definately say good bye to STO, I just don't have the force nor the will to invest any further time in this game if it always treats me like this.

I have no problem with a crash or two. I have no problem with maintenance, and I have no problem with huge patches and times of no content (in which I usually take breaks). But what I don't like is when I can't even do anything to save my toon from oblivion. There is no "Safe Login" option as I didn't crash to login screen as I usually do if the server times out or whatever happens. So now, I guess it is good bye? Or do you have a way to save the toon without destroying it?
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