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Originally Posted by ufpterrell View Post
I know it was never seen on screen, but I always had a soft spot for the vertical two nacelle ships. Would be interesting to see what kind of design Cryptic could come up with for it, thinking of the designs for nacelles we've seen intrduced with the Armitage and Regeant. Could be a destroyer class?

That there is the Property of Taldren Entertainment Art and science of gaming.There are modders and modlers who got permission to use it.

That ship was seen in Starfleet Command 1 and 2 Empires at War and Orion Pirates.

Cryptic can't use it for this sole reason.

You see it is even on the cover of the game box.
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Starsphere Interactive also used the Akula Class in Star Trek: Shattered Universe fpr the PS2 and XBox.

On a side note, the cannon Apollo Class seems to be a Vulcan ship:

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