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I have a Mk VIII Directed Energy Distribution Manifold, marked as Very Rare, and a Mk XI of the same, but marked only as Uncommon. The Mk XI adds more damage to beam weapons (by 1.2%), but the Mk VIII is worth more EC (by nearly 5000). Is the Mk VIII counted as Very Rare because it's an item not available through crafting or shops? Or are there hidden stats applied to it?
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08-19-2013, 10:22 PM
Complex question, simple answer: no

VR items, while difficult to come by, do not have hidden benefits.

Some VR item-sets do offer additional benefits, but these are spelled out in the item descriptions as set bonus.

As for the official EC pricing differences, these are relative guides only. Weapons and tactical consoles sell for 2-3X that price (some significantly more), while shields etc may sell for less based on the scarcity and the type of bonus that may be applied. More often than not value is driven by changes in the latest dropbox; disrupter consoles have skyrocketed since the release of the elachi crescent weapons.

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08-20-2013, 01:09 AM
The very rare Mk VIII has better stats than a common Mk VIII and can be used at a lower level than the uncommon Mk XI. That is the only real difference between consoles. Rarity in other equipment is different. The higher the rarity, the more bonuses you get.
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08-20-2013, 04:05 AM
To answer your question : no. The Very Rare item does not have hidden stats.
If you look on the exchange, however, the pricing can be crazy. I can sell a MK V Purple Dual Heavy Phaser Cannon for 40,000EC on the exchange, the same cannon as a MK XI Uncommon may go for half that. The exchange skews things somewhat.

A good rule of thumb is to remember that comparing a MK VIII item based on rarity has the following (rough) translation (please bare in mind this is based on my own observation, and is by no means a perfect comparison as I've not seen every item in game).

MK VIII White/Common - no higher MK comparison
MK VIII Green/Uncommon - equal to MK IX White/Common
MK VIII Blue/Rare - equal to MK X White/Common and MK IX Uncommon/Green
MK VIII Purple/Very Rare - equal to MK XI White/Common and MK X Uncommon/Green and MK IX Rare/Blue

The benefits of the MK VIII are that you can use even the best rarity at a much earlier level than the MK XI stuff.

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08-20-2013, 04:46 AM
Mark X1 items are typically cheap, because at that level, most people are using items obtained from Reputation or Fleet. Market prices are not an indication of quality, but of demand.
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08-20-2013, 08:02 AM
One of the really odd thing about low level gear (and by that, I mean anything under Admiral), is that it's actually more scarce than high level. The VAST majority of players are at max level. In max level content, you get drops from Mk X-XII. Since you have a TON of players running a TON of that content, you have TONS and TONS of X-XII gear on the exchange. That devalues it quite a lot. Most of it will sell for no more than 50% of its value (basically what a vendor pays you). It's plentiful, and mostly rendered obsolete by Fleet/Reputation gear.

A FEW things maintain a high value, mostly Mk XI-XII [Acc]x3 weapons, XI-XII very rare energy type tactical consoles, a couple Eng consoles like Neutronium and RCS, and warp cores with desirable sets of modifiers. Warp cores and Eng consoles will devalue as more fleets achieve Tier 3 Dilithium Mines. I fully expect the next fleet holding to introduce UR XII tactical consoles which will drop the bottom out of that market.

Low gear is weird though. I can level a toon in a week, and only do so very rarely. I don't spend much time at all running low level content, and neither does the rest of the player base. That means people are not generating many drops for Mk. I-IX gear, and you don't find much on the exchange especially in blue and purple. For whatever reason though, there are people who absolutely have to have awesome purple gear on a low level character which will outgrow that gear in about two days. They will go to their EC rich main toon, and use it to buy that stuff for outrageous prices. I find this pointless, but people do it. The consequence though is that people who really are new to the game can't afford any of the gear on the exchange that's actually worth using.
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08-21-2013, 08:11 AM
The thing is, that gear is also 'unnecessary'. As long as you have the common level of your rank, you'll be fine for damage and usually defence.

But getting a high-powered Rare or Very Rare could also last you 20+ levels, easy, since it'll outpower Common or Uncommon stuff of higher rank and have more mods. You can see this at high-level too. Uncommon Mark 12 can equal or beat Mark 11 of anything up to Rare for similar cost or less in terms of raw stats, though you'll lose mods.
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08-21-2013, 08:33 AM
So happy that items don't have hidden stats and abilities here. I had enough of that junk in FFXI. Seriously, Square Enix would put gear in the game and then not tell us what it did.

SE: Hey, we put new items into the game.

Players: Cool. What do they do?

SE: Figure it out.

On one hand it was kind of cool that the names of certain items gave hints at the hidden stats and abilities they had. On the other, it was annoying as all hell because I had to start digging around online to figure out wtf stuff did. Bleh. Oh well, be very happy that doesn't go on here haha.

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