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(I managed to fix my login issues, but have now found a much more serious bug).

For the past 10 years, I have used the Pinnacle game profiler utility + an Xbox controller, to play all MMOs. This is because I'm unable to use a keyboard for playing.

Up until the past couple of days, STO has been no exception.

However, after logging in today (following a couple of days problems with actually getting the game to run) STO is no longer "reading" input from my controller.

I can open up Word, hit a button on the controller that's mapped to Z, and "Z" will be typed. So the profiler is working just fine.

However, if I click into STO and hit the "Z" button, which in-game is mapped to jumping, nothing happens. My character just stands there.

I have tried resetting controls and keybinds, switched the xbox controller button on and off in STO options, and still no luck.

Please note - I am a lifetime subscriber who has played this game since Beta and have enjoyed it for four years, but if this issue can't be solved I literally won't be able to play the game any more.

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