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06-07-2013, 10:01 PM
Originally Posted by senatorvreenak View Post
Yes and no.
The Adapted Borg tech has pretty much been reverse engineered by the Tal'shiar for their own purposes.

Voyager was equipped with "raw" and pure Borg technology and was most likely a partial-assimilation of the ship(considering the trouble they went through stripping it out and the problems it caused with the ship systems).
I would like to point out however that the current visuals already point in this direction, with the deflector visual showing a primitive version of the Narada's "lotus of death" spikes. Not to mention, Romulan ships outfitted with the technology in missions like S'harien's Swords use the Borg Set visuals, but reference is made to the Narada when it comes to the technology used in them.

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06-12-2013, 10:28 PM
There is definitely precedence for this, seeing as Cryptic has added the Tal Shiar vessels, which use the same kinds of technology as what was used in the Narada. There is also the fact that the technology has the same visuals for the set items as those displayed on Romulan ships in missions such as "S'harien's Swords", which explicitly state that the technology is inspired by the "success" of the Narada.

I see no reason why the Romulans would switch to a non-evolving type of Borg tech, especially what with the Tal Shiar ships, or why the version used for the set items is not capable of the same.

If new, scaling visuals were added, players would be able to select which versions to display based on how advanced the equipment level is. There would be no logical reason to complain, as the original visuals would not be lost even at Mk XII.

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